International organisations that leading over the globe which

 International Business Machines Corporation known as IBM. IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting organisation. In this 21 century, IBM is one of the top technology organisations that leading over the globe which operations in over 170 countries. Its company was headquartered in a city of New York called Armonk. In 16 June 1911, the company started in a small village of New York called Endicott and the company was known as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) during that time. 1924, CTR was renamed as popularly IBM. IBM is a large research organisation, it holds the record for most patents that generated by a business for the row of 20 years. IBM manufactures computer hardware, middleware and software. IBM also offers hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. According to Fortune 500, IBM was honored in providing its marvelous and astonishing services and inventions to its customer, public and market assessment. Those globally admired services and inventions are automated teller machine (ATM), floppy disk, magnetic strip card, hard disk drive (HDD), SQL programming language, Universal Product Code and this is not all.   One of the best services that provide by IBM is cloud computing service. In the simple terms, cloud computing is an information technology that enables to store and access resources such as data and programs over the internet instead of using pendrive or other hard drive. Cloud computing also is a higher-level services that can be rapidly transformed with minimal management effort. Therefore, IBM invented IBM Cloud and has developed a platform to let it’s customer to access their cloud readiness, develop adoption strategies and identify business entry points for a cloud environment.2)The cloud computing services provider that we have chosen is IBM. IBM had provided 3 cloud services to customer such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and SaaS (Software as a service).First of all, IBM had provided IaaS cloud service to customer. IaaS is a foundation of cloud computing, sometimes may call Hardware as a service (SEAN,2011). IBM offering the users to access the computing resources such as servers, storage and networking (IBM,N/D). The companies only pay for the services they use such as RAM, CPU cores, storage space and data transfer. IaaS as a cheap infrastructure for their business initiatives that can be expanded or terminated based on the needed of the companies. The companies allow to rent a space in a virtual data center from an IaaS provider (ProfitBricks,2017). The companies can use their own platforms and applications within a service provider’s infrastructure. IaaS can help the companies to save cost because they can save cost instead to purchasing expensive hardware outright and pay fees for IaaS on demand (IBM,N/D) therefore can saves cost to buy and maintaining their own hardware to run their businesses. The infrastructure is scalable depending on processing and storage needs from the companies (IBM,N/D). Furthermore, the companies no need to worried about data failure because all of the data is on the cloud (IBM,N/D). Lastly, IaaS enables the companies virtualization of the administrative tasks therefore can have more free time to do for other work or tasks (IBM,N/D).Secondly, IBM provided PaaS service to customer. IBM PaaS provided to those development companies that want to implement a quickly methodologies. PaaS offering users with a cloud environment in which they can manage, develop, and provide applications (IBM,N/D) for those companies. Furthermore, PaaS provided many services in the application over the internet such as virtualized servers and operating systems (SEAN,2011) therefore company can save money on hardware. IBM PaaS provides a simple way and platform to test and prototype the new applications. Users are able to use a suitable tools to develop, testing and customize their own application (IBM,N/D). IBM also provides manage security, operating systems, server software and backups data for the companies (IBM,N/D). Moreover, for those team’s work was separate won’t be worried because PaaS can facilitate the collaborative work between the  team (IBM,N/D).IBM also provided SaaS service to customer. SaaS provides users access to vendor’s cloud-based software (IBM,N/D). SaaS is almost always accessible through a web browser (SEAN,2011). The application hosted on a remote server can be accessed through a web browser or an API instead to install an applications on their local devices (IBM,N/D). Company can store and analyze data or collaborate on projects through the application (IBM,N/D). IBM SaaS provides manage, install and upgrade software therefore users do not have to waze time to manage it (IBM,N/D). Moreover, SaaS can secure all of the data because data is secure in the cloud therefore if the equipment failure does not loss of data (IBM,N/D). SaaS application provide to user accessible from anywhere in the world if the internet is connected to the device (IBM,N/D). Users no need to purchasing software to install or need additional hardware to support it(IBM,N/D) SaaS provide users software and application via a subscription model. Users pay SaaS on monthly basis “pay-as-you-go model” therefore users just pay for the service procured (TechTarget, 2017). Lastly, users can be scales the use of resources depending on service needs which gives the option to access more or fewer, services or features on demand (IBM,N/D).4)As a successful company, the company should give a best cloud computing technology for the employee. IBM which is International Business Machines Corporation, it has provide IBM Cloud for cloud computing service and it’s a best cloud provider and suitable to all businesses and company to choose as provider. There are some factors of the company should consider to select the IBM. First of all, the company should understanding which cloud deployment options is suitable and benefit to the organization and employee for IT operation and management. Therefore, IBM have provide some deployment options which is public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. So the company should decide which type of cloud is best suited for the company. The public cloud are owned and runned by the company that offer high-speed access over a public network to afford all of the computing resources. By using the IBM public cloud services, the company or users no need to purchase any hardware, software or supporting infrastructure because all of these are owned and managed by IBM. IBM offer the public cloud with different type of cloud service model which is software as a service(SaaS), infrastructure as a service(IaaS) and platform as a service(PaaS). First, the public cloud include innovative SaaS business apps for applications ranging from customer resource management(CRM) to transaction management and data analytics. Besides, public cloud provide flexible, scalable IaaS for storage and compute services on a moment’s notice. Next, public cloud also provide strong PaaS for those application development with cloud computing. Furthermore, private cloud is a infrastructure that are operated solely for a single organization to managed all the data or processes internally and hosted either internally or externally. Private cloud have many advantages such as greater reliability and security and more control of resources and avoid multi-tenancy. Private cloud is a self-service interface controls services, it allowing the IT staff to faster allocate and deliver on-demand IT resources and information. Next, private cloud provide highly automated management of resource for everythings from compute capability to storage, analytics and middleware. Private cloud also provide strong security and governance designed for a company’s specific requirements. Apart from that, hybrid cloud use a private cloud foundation combined with the strategic integration and also use of public cloud services. In reality, private cloud cannot isolate from the rest of company’s IT resources and the public cloud. Most company using the private clouds will evolve to manage workloads across data centres, private cloud and public cloud, therefore hybrid cloud are creating. Hybrid cloud allows the company to keep the important application and sensitive data in a private cloud. It also make use of public cloud resources such as SaaS for latest applications and software.  On top of that, the factor that the company should consider on selecting the best cloud provider is service level agreements. IBM provide an official agreements with clients such as cloud service, content and data protection, warranties, charges, taxes and payment and so on.Firstly, the cloud service provided by IBM include facilities, personnel, device, software system and other cloud resources necessary and a set of guides procedure and documentation to support the client for use the cloud service. IBM will also provide the hardware, software and the connection to access the cloud and use the cloud service consist of client-specific URL addresses and related authorized certificates. Besides, the cloud service may not be used in any jurisdiction for illegal or pettifogging issues such as bringing harmfulness or violating the security of network. Secondly, IBM also provide content and data protection in agreements. The content include all of the data, software, and information that client inputs to the cloud service. IBM and its contractors and subprocessors may access and use the content solely for the purpose of managing the cloud service, unless otherwise mentioned in the agreements. The client is responsible for obtaining all necessary rights and permissions to enable the IBM, and its contractors and subprocessors to use, provide, store and process the content in the cloud service.  Besides, IBM provide warranties to the client about the cloud service. IBM guarantee that it provides cloud service using commercially reasonable care and skill in accordance with the applicable attachment. The warranty for a cloud service will ends when the cloud service ends.  Lastly, client required to pay charges, taxes and payment that specified for a cloud service that provided by IBM. The charges for use in excess of authorizations and any late payment fees. Charges include any customs or other duty, tax and any levies that imposed by authority because of the client violate under the agreement and client need to pay for the additional charges. In all time, security is the one of the major concern when adoption of  cloud service provider. If we did not choose the right cloud service provider, then all of the users will face a big problem which is cloud getting access by other users. Therefore, the third factors that IBM should consider is the security and compliance issues.The company must understand the importance and sensitivity of information managed by cloud services and to ensure that cloud providers take proper control and a reasonable way to protect the information.One of the most important factors that consist in security and compliance issue is data protection. As there are many leak or exposure information and all the sensitive data such as credit card number, online banking password and etc. it will be difficult  for the cloud service company to check the data handling effectively which data handling. The problem will occur when there is multiple transfers of data. On the other hand, we have to avoid the insecure or incomplete data delete. If we terminate the contract with the cloud service provider,the customers data might not be deleted completely because the backup copies of data is always exist,and it would not be erase it selectively. Thus, the multi-tenancy of the cloud will bring more risk to the customer than the dedicated hardware.Furthermore, the other important factor that consist in security and compliance is Authentication and Authorization. The resources of sensitive cloud are accessed from everywhere from the internet is getting increasing. The only way is to identify for each user which included employees,partners,customers and etc. Therefore, strong of the authentication and the authorization is becomes a critical concern.


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