India: non-violence, but Hindus accept violence if it

India: Over 1 billion people, 22 official languages, and 9 official religions; two of which  are Hinduism and Islam, the main religions in India. Around 500 BC, Hinduism began and it is one of the first religions of the world. Derived from the  Sanskrit word, Sindhu, which literally means “dwellers by the Indus River.” The Indus River was a very important factor in Indian and Pakistani agriculture, it provided water to the plains and supported food production. When the Aryan Tribes of Persia invaded Indus Valley, the group’s views and beliefs combined to create Hinduism. Around 600 AD, Islam was created and taught by prophet Muhammad, he experienced a visit from the angel Gabriel who gave him the Qur’an, which is the holy book of Islam.2 These two religions started in two different places, Islam was created in the Middle-East, and Hinduism in India. They both have several simlarities and differences.Both Muslims and Hindus strongly believe in non-violence, but Hindus accept violence if it is necessary for one’s defense. The two also believe that if you do a good deed, you will be rewarded by God and if you do a bad deed you will be punished by God. Muslims and Hindus are very strict with their religions , mainly with dietary restrictions. These religions have differences as well, such as Hindus believing in polytheism while Muslims believe in monotheism. Lastly, Muslims do not carry pictures or other forms of art showing their God, they do not have a image representative of their God, but Hindus on the other hand have many different images and statues of their God.The conflict between Hindus and Muslims began when Islam was first introduced to India, originating from the Middle-East. Eventually there was a significant increase of Muslims in India, they were at the top of the social caste system and there was a rise of Islamic caliphates in India. The Hindus felt that they were taking over their country. Gradually as Islam expanded into India, they ended up turning against each other. The feud between the two groups went on even during the tragic period of time where India was apart of the British Empire. During this time the Muslims created a political orginization called “The Muslim League” and the Hindus created the “Indian National Congress.” Later, a man named Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a famous Indian independence leader, spoke greatly about how there shoud be no division because of religion and that the people of India should all stand as one, no matter your beliefs. But the Muslim League demanded division from India so they could be able to create a land and form their own country. So, the Muslims got what they asked and they recieved the country named “Pakistan” which was land seperated off India. Pakistan and India have had many terrible fights and wars as a result of the seperation. There have been a total of 4 wars between the tw countries and many more military conflicts.It has been over two-thousand years later and there is still a lot of controversy between Muslims and Hindus. Of course, the issue has progressed but it is not completely resolved and it probably won’t ever be. Mainly because the people do not want to forgive eachother due to pride and stubbornness. But in order to progress in society both communities have to learn to forgive and move on. Since


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