In of money then it is important

In fact, and new advertising rules about YouTube that were announced a few days ago, so if you are not on YouTube, then you can skip this post. YouTube has changed the advertising rules once again, on the day when anybody can earn their channel, they will change it – you have 10,000 views for monetizing your channel. Now they have changed it once and now you have time to see 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours in the last 12 months. It looks like a great deal at first and when I first saw it, why I was like oh, but then when I started thinking about it, I realized that it was actually a Not a big deal. I did some calculation. Suppose your video is approximately 10 minutes long, assuming that people only guess that the average half of the video takes 5 minutes that means you will have approximately 48 thousand views to get four thousand hours the clock time in one year for monetization. At first it seems that in fact there is a big deal, but then when you think about the aspect of money about it, the ad aspect is not really so much, if we could get about $ 3 per thousand forms Use very simple CPM. You are making about $144 dollars per year. If you divide in the month, you earn $12 dollars in just one month, if you can’t make this level, then it means that you are likely to be less than $12 a month, Therefore, there is no such agreement. To reach a 1000 subscriber, which is a bit difficult, I would say, but again your number of ideas will not be more if you have only 1000 members, but once you do this in my mind. It is at this threshold, so it will really be very good for you because now all these imitation channels are people who just rewrite the videos of other people, and all those things should not take any money from the advertisement that you Are Receiving Money. I at least hope that the money is going to the real creators, who were making videos instead of just these strange in the day and in the day just posting all kinds of weird stuff; I hope this will give legitimacy to YouTube. Even more, make the material even better, but if you are worried about the aspect of money then it is important that I am worrying about diversifying your revenue flow, not just trusting adsense. This is a very difficult method to make good money, but you can use different types of different platforms and ways to diversify your income, you can sell digital products or do your own course or make them Can sell or start the store. There are several different ways to make money instead of seeing Adsense on Shoplift.  I really want this to be an encouragement for all the small channels, which are really hard to grasp. I honestly think that this is a really good chance for you, stop thinking about money, think about Adsense Stop and only focus on high quality content, provide value on the story And entertain you in your videos and I guarantee you, you are growing and growing, I think that is one of the biggest things that can only prevent you from growing and getting better, concentrate on money only It is said that you are a bug, you are a mosquito; there is a good part of the flesh and then there is a very bright light here and instead of going for the good chunky meat it is good for you Interpretation will. You get distracted by the bright light, so that you kill that bright light and it is one of those mosquitoes, which is one of the more important things, and you can do it so that it can be done in fact Do not worry about Adsense that focuses on money, which is really important, which will not really move you forward, focus only on creating great content. Switch to. It’s going to be naturally. You are going to grow you get more … Ideas can get you more subscribers. All this stuff is going to come and then this money is only one negative. I can see here that it is very inspiration to pay just like 10 cents 50 cents that you help a lot in making it and you start to see that there is a chance. I have a possibility to make more money here and it gives you a lot of inspiration which I think will be one of the Downsides and on the other side if YouTube starts to demit or push those channels in which they have advertising Is not. Or the videos on which search and suggested videos and all of them are not ads, it is a little hurt, but I’m hoping and I believe that YouTube is not going to do this. This will not be an issue, if you are just a small channel or have not been disappointed with launching a YouTube channel, then hopefully it will only make YouTube a better platform and hopefully it will give you your video But will show more ads and therefore earn more money Focus on using great content It is not as encouraging as a disappointment because if it does not Receive change is good or bad, If you take it as a disappointment then it will be bad for your channel, but if you take it positively, then you see the bright side that you are keeping going and it is not going to slow you down. It really is up to you because continue to keep repeating to learn whether it is hurting your channel or not drinking it. You are going a long way with them all; I really hope that this is just a bit of inspiration for you to keep going. I wanted to keep some of your thoughts in this video also that I ask on Twitter and on Instagram for just my opinion, so you have some thoughts and opinions on this topic. Friends, I hope you really enjoy