In seen with coffee beans. It is

In the article “An Anthropologist Explains Why We Want to
Eat Tide Pods” by Anne Ewank, she discusses a recent trend that has been appearing
through out the media in various age groups. Ewank states that the human
behavior that it is being observed in our society is the desire and action of
eating tide pods. I would like to note that while this trend has been prominent
in today’s society, I am in no way condoning this behavior. Tide pods are
packed with various chemicals that have been known to cause damage to a human’s
internal body. Evolution is able to connect to this human behavior in various
ways. Since the start of the 19th century, many united states companies
began to use dyes in their products, to the appeal to the desire of its
customer base. The use of bright colors reminds many of bright foods like
fruit, appealing to many people’s food catalog. The bright colors activate
certain areas of the brain, which can result in release of
neurotransmitter/neuro-hormones that can can have positive impact of the mood
of the person. Another reason could be due to the texture and shape of the tide
pod. The soft squishy nature of the tide pod in a way resembles soft food. Throughout
time we have typically ate food that is soft due to its simple nature of
consumption. The similarities in texture can be a reason why many are drawn to
eat them. The small size of the tide pod peaks our interest due to small food
typically being associated with candies. A round shape has been noted of increasing
the perception that something is sweet. This trend has been seen significantly
in western culture through out time. Lastly, it is in our nature that we
overlook instincts we have that indicates something is not safe to eat. As a
species we constantly scavenge for more things to eat, instead of sticking with
the basic food staples we have. This trend has been seen throughout human
history, being passed from generation to generation. If it is edible, we try to
make it; An example of such can be seen with coffee beans. It is typically
bitter and sour, but as a society we have learned that it is the “norm” to drink.

There are alternative for a reasoning behind this behavior like a desire to
feel “cool, accepted, trendsetter”. It has been noted that our current society
is fascinated with social media and showing others what is happening in ours
lives to get the attention many of us crave. The desire for attention could be
a possible alternative. This article is for an evolutionary account but also
notes there could be other possible factors. I believe that the article does
reflect the science of it. I believe that article’s reasoning incorporates
aspects of biology, sociology, psychology and anthropology, and possibly much
more. While some of the statements could possibly only apply to western
culture, such bases still relies on aspects of social science.

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