In when they go hunting. After Jack

    In the coming of age novel The Lord Of The Flies, by William Golding a group of boys from Britain crash on an island and have no parental supervision.The boys realize there are no adult figures on the island and find it peaceful and relieving because they were always being pushed by the civil laws of society in britain. When the boys are taken away from the influence of society they lose their innocence and convert to darker primitive ways to achieve power on the island.          On the island they feel famine and decide they want to kill a pig for its meat. Jack gawks at a pig stuck in the branches approaches it and “raised his arm. There was a pause, a hiatus, the pause was only long enough for them to understand what an enormity the downward stroke would be.”(31) From coming to an island savagery naturally comes but his conscience was keeping him from actually cutting open the animal. He knew that if he did make a interpose with the spear down the swine neck it would take away his civilness. Roger and other boys pick up rocks and start to throw them at other boys on the island “yet there was a space round Henry, perhaps 6 yards in diameter he dare not throw. Here invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life. Round the child was the protection of the parents and school and policemen and the law” (62) Since they are from britain they behave chivalrous towards others. When there are no adults or a type of authority saying what can or can’t be done his upbringing still has a residual effect on him which is the “invisible yet strong force” not allowing him to hit the boy. He is incapable of because he is, “conditioned by a civilization” (62) which is so powerful in that point he cannot bring himself to hit another human being because that would be going against what being civil is.           Jack and his hunters have come up with the idea of camouflaging their faces when they go hunting. After Jack disguises his face, ” He looked in astonishment, no longer at himself but at an awesome stranger.”(63) the boys cannot see their true self but the beastly side peeking through for which they admire. Once they paint their faces it becomes a mask and is a “thing on its own , behind which Jack hid, from shame and self conscious.”(64) The mask is able to hide his real identity, and help release a darker  energy inside themselves to a greater extent . The disguise acts as an outlet to the darkness inside them all that desperately wishes to come out. It is an escape from civilization. The mask changes them because “The mask compelled them.”(64) If they didnt put the paint on their faces they wouldn’t have acted the way they did. The mask is a type of authority that the boys stand by because it makes them feel powerful and more confident.           The group of boys start to hunt frequently “the hunters thoughts were crowded with memories.. of the knowledge..that outwitted a living thing, impose their will upon it, taken away its life like a long satisfying drink.”(121) the boys no longer hunt because they are in need of food but because when they hunt it satisfies there needs by killing a living thing and seeing its blood. Before and after they kill an animal they say a ritual “Kill the pig, cut her throat,spill her blood.”(186) At first they wouldn’t dare to even cut the pig’s throat but now are actively killing their prey with much more bloodlust than ever before. Jack has more power and is malevolent from Ralph being in such mutiny  and wants to find him to kill him, since they cannot find Ralph they set the island on fire to smoke him out. The fire was substantial enough for a ship to see and come to the island and there a soldier went onland to rescue the boys. After being associated with the soldier the boys started to cry and Ralph ” in the middle of them, with a filthy body, matted hair, and unwiped nose, Ralph wept for the end of innocence l, the darkness of man’s heart.”(202) because he knew what had happened they could never go back to how innocent they were before. Ralph acknowledges he cannot go henceforth in life without the events that come from on that island being unnoticed.        When they first crash onto the island they would barely hurt a boy with a little rock but at the end they are trying to viciously kill another human. The paint and chant helped to transform their characters to beastly human beings. After all the fighting and terror they have been through on the island they go back to Britain which is at war when it seems as if they’ve been going through their own war.This is a novel proving how authority is needed to help keep everything controlled. Being detached from their parents and society the boys go into a violent descent of savagery throughout the novel.