In allowed Odysseus to be held captive

In the
Odyssey the gods are in control, for the most part, of where the story goes,
but the people still must choose to go. The gods in The Odyssey are the ones
that allowed Odysseus to be held captive on Ogygia for seven years. When they
finally decided he should be allowed to find his way home, they made it known
to his captor calypso. However, Odysseus still had to choose to leave. Odysseus
could have stayed, receiving immortality from calypso and wedding her, but he
chose to go.


The poem opens with the beseech of the goddess Athena to zeus
pleading for him to send Hermes to the island of ogygia where odysseus is being
held by the nymph calypso to tell Caypso to release odysseus. In this example
the divine both try to aid and hinder Odysseus’ return to Ithaca. Calypso,
the nymph goddess holds Odysseus against his will, only when another god,
Hermes, intervened did she consent to release Odysseus. Athena is shown to be Odysseus’
supporter, looking out for him when he is in trouble; the goddess plays an
essential role throughout the poem to the plot and also to the
development of Odysseus’ character. However other factors are involved in the advancement
of odysseus’ journey in this example- free-will and fear of judgment from the

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Within homers odyssey the gods play a
critical role influencing mortal affairs both for the good and bad in the eyes
of man. Throughout the poem we are a
presented with many examples of the gods intervening in the life of Odysseus In this essay I will be exploring to what extent the gods
are involved in Odysseus’ nostos. The question on its surface is quite simple-
the gods  play a prominent if not integral role to the events of Odysseus’ journey ,the story itself is told by a muse.  The gods use their powers for many diverse and
essential actions either to aid or hinder the advancement of odysseus’ journey
home. However the gods actions are intertwined with various other factors which
are involved in odysseus’ nostos; whether that be free-will, fate or direct or
indirect intervention from the gods.


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