In right?” then Kevin reflects on it and

conducting proper interviews, there are unique techniques deployed in the
interview to make it efficient and interesting to the interviewer and interviewee.

These techniques are important in order to provide clarity and assertion of
knowledge and understanding in the setup. Some interviews may provide all
techniques while some may do so in selected scenarios. An example of an
efficient interview is one by Stephen Colbert interviewing the famous comedian
Kevin Hart.

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            Kevin Hart recently visited the Late
Show with Stephen Colbert and the interview they had depicted use of some
interview techniques. One of the techniques used was reflection. The interview begins
with Stephen Colbert talking about Kevin Hart’s achievements where Kevin
replies by saying, ” Am a…. what do you call it? A big deal!”. This technique
was effectively used in this particular moment since it engaged the audience
more while providing a proper feedback. Another technique used was
paraphrasing. Kevin notes, “You have to make sure you don’t lose site of
reality… regardless of any success that you have, you have to make sure you
don’t lose that connection….”. Stephen comments,” you really think you can hold
on to reality because like, you are so huge….”. After Stephen was done talking
Kevin went on to explain his point further. Paraphrasing here is done by
Stephen in the form of a question directed to Kevin using the same words Kevin
uses prior to the question. One other technique used is reflection. Stephen
says, “You hit 30 million people on Twitter today, right?” then Kevin reflects
on it and says, “I did. Everybody danced around the world. Yeah. I tweeted
‘dance’. I just hit 30 million and I want everybody to dance. I really believed
everybody danced.”. This was a great example of reflection conveyed in a simple
yet subtle manner to the interviewee and the audience. These techniques help to
keep the interview alive and involving.


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