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 In 1809, a treaty was signed between the British North East India Company and the Sikh Kingdom, a treaty that would change the history of India forever. The Treaty of Amritsar was advantageous to the Sikh Empire, but only to an extent. From this treaty, Maharaja Ranjit Singh gained a complete freedom to take over territory on the north of the Satluj river and build a strong army.He did not only gain territory from this treaty, he also gained a lot of wealth. This treaty was not too beneficial for the sikhs, it halted the Sikh Kingdom from expanding and possibly taking over all of India. One major benefit from this agreement was that Ranjit Singh received the opportunity to gain territory. With security from the south of his kingdom, he could strengthen his power within Punjab freely.”The Rajah will never maintain in the territory occupied by him and his dependants, on the left side of the river”, is a article from the treaty. He could take over many of the territories north of the Satluj river but none from the south of the Satluj river.. He was not only given a chance to take over land but he also gained more wealth.   Ranjit Singh gained a lot of wealth because of the Treaty of Amritsar. He took full advantage of the treaty and annexed many wealthy kingdoms north of the Satluj river. One such kingdom that he annexed was the prosperous Kingdom of Multan. This Kingdom was said to be the commercial center and brought him a lot of revenue. Another kingdom that was taken over by him because of the treaty was Kashmir. Kashmir was a very good source of revenue for the treasury of Ranjit Singh. All this wealth that Ranjit Singh had, he used it for the benefit of the Sikh Empire. The agreement was not all that good either, if this treaty had not been signed, maybe India may be called the Sikh Empire. The Treaty of Amritsar halted the Sikh Empire at the Satluj River. If this treaty was not signed by Ranjit Singh, today the history of India would be very different. This agreement forced Ranjit Singh to only concentrate towards Afghanistan and northern India. Ranjit Singh was fooled by the British who had a much more advantage in this agreement. The British were protected from Napoleon if he ever invaded India from the north. Although the treaty was a big mistake, it was beneficial for the Sikhs at that time.    The arrangement at Amritsar was beneficial to the Sikh Empire, but only to a degree. It provided the kingdom much support, to raise a powerful army and take over land that is valuable and powerful. But if Ranjit Singh did not sign the treaty, India would have been different today.  The British blindfolded Ranjit Singh and sought only the benefit for themselves. At the time, the Treaty of Amritsar was beneficial but afterward the agreement was not advantageous. We should think about decisions before we make them, and hopefully, we learn from these mistakes and next time make right decisions.


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