In in the journal. Therefore, the original and

In my point of view, Bengali Tuz is packed with a
whole lot of traits which makes it an authentic piece of literature in a
globalized context. It has several elements associated with multiculturalism
and facts related to the various styles of living. The presence of various
distinctive nationalities under the same roof of Shanti Niketan makes the
primary theme of this book more globalized. ‘Bengali Tuz’ is also considered as
a travel monologue around the globe as the descriptions of Rosza having altercations
with many different nationalities while her traveling in India makes this
journal more diversified. The author tries to describe various elements
belonging to various nationalities while keeping a common concept as a base.
All the different perspectives caused by the different cultural impact on a
common concept present in the journal make it gloriously diversified too. The
diversity that has been mentioned to be present in the journal numerous times
also represents the globalized front of this journal. Likewise, the ingestion
of different nationalities, languages, religions, and cultural perspectives
mentioned in the journal also turns it into a correct form of a literary piece
in a globalized context. Other than the diversity playing a major role in the
journal, various other elements of like a common emotional state of all the
female characters belonging to different nationalities regarding love, friendship,
relationships in general and their devotion regarding their respective nations
and cultures are also seen playing a big part in the journal. Therefore, the
original and authentic mix of similar and different opinions around the
different nationalities attaches a globalized element to it. In the end, it can
be summarized that the features of this journal make it a tempting piece of literature
for its readers and everyone can relate to the journal in one way or the other
as we all have a common emotional base and it learning new realities about our
own country can prove to be entertaining if there is no bias present.


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