In But break, my heart, for I

In William Shakespeare’s
play Hamlet, Shakespeare portrays
qualities in Hamlet that Sigmund Freud discovered long after the play was made.
Right when the association amongst Hamlet and his mom is inspected, Freud’s
oedipal complex speculation rings a bell. The oedipal complex is a hypothesis
made by Freud which communicated that “the child takes both of its parents, and
more particularly one of them, as the object of its erotic wishes” (51). In
consideration of this need to be with the parent of the opposite sex, conflict
is molded with the parent of a similar sex. In the play, Hamlet exhibits an
exceptional adversarial energy toward his uncle Claudius since his mom’s
remarriage to him. Hamlet views his mom’s remarriage as sickening as well as
seeing executing Claudius as a technique for freeing his mom of a corrupted
marriage and furthermore avenging his dad. Hamlet and his mom’s relationship is
likewise showed up as more sexual than the standard mother-child relationship
because of Hamlet’s lingo and private relationship with his mom, and
furthermore his opposition toward Claudius for his mom’s objectives. This
prescribes Shakespeare saw the behavioral characteristics of the oedipal
complex in mankind that Freud did and indicated them through the relationship
of him and his mom.

            Hamlet’s internal soliloquys reveal much about what he is
feeling and moreover help in understanding the possibility of the oedipal complex
inside the character. Parts of the oedipal complex can be associated with Hamlet’s
first monologue. Here Hamlet tends to himself, unveiling his own appearance of torment.
The essential driver of Hamlet’s torments is the remarriage of his mom to Claudius,
not the death of his dad. This is shown when Hamlet says “With such dexterity to
incestuous sheets! / It is not nor cannot come to good. / But break, my heart, for
I must hold my tongue” (1.2.157-159). He is shocked by his mom’s affection toward
Claudius since he believes it is distorted. It can ideally be deducted that Hamlet
is more stressed over the marriage of his mom than the death of his dad since Hamlet
does not indicate any stress over how his dad goes until the point that the moment
that he sees the apparition. This fits in with the oedipal complex since one may
state that unconsciously Hamlet assumes that in consideration of his dad being dead,
all his resistance is gone and his mom should be his. Claudius wedding his mom does
not fit in with what Hamlet wishes and takes his question of need away.

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