In After Franco died Rafael step foot

In my essay I will be talking and how it was a major event I also will be talked about the allies and the leaders. I also will be talking about Rafael Alberti and Federico Garcia Lorca also known as Franco where apart of the the spanish  civil war or how they are apart of it during that 1930’s . I will also be mentioning about the participants which were the Nationalist and the Republicans in the civil war.                    To begin i will be writing about Rafael Alberti he was born on December 16th 1902 and died in October 28th 1999 in  El Puerta  de Santa Maria, Spain. He was a communist Party of Spain also has gotten a Awards and honors Cervantes prize in 1983. He was also the founder of “Octuber” which means october in English Rafael Alberti was one of the major Spanish poets in the 20th century.He was also the last  one to die from the outstanding poet s of his generation 27th Rafael had study the  Arts in Madrid and was a  painter in 1923 he was a man who fought for the Republic in the Spanish Civil War. During the time of him being a poet he had wrote 20  poems from 1902 to 1999 he was a member of a generation of 1927. As he was in his  early age he had gotten struck with early stage of tuberculosis. After Franco died Rafael step foot on Spain soil a year later from Franco’s death” I left with my fish closed and return with my hand open as a symbol of peace and Brotherhood among all Spaniards”Rafael alberti .                    Another man who was a big part of the Spanish Revolution was Franco Franco made a name for himself as engineer he was courageous officer like a command Spanish for origin Legion at age 33 he was the youngest Spain General he was against Spanish stereotypes was cold hearted and had little to say to people alfro was exiled 10 years later. Federico was killed by supporters of Franco. Franco was born and December 4th 1892 in Ferrol, Spain he died on November 28th 1975 at age 82 in Madrid, Spain he was the head of the state of Spain from 1939 to 1975. during the time of the Civil War  Franco  and Hitler was for best friends. Federico Garcia Lorca started July 19th 1939 to 1989 the people defeated and were defending themselves from the Army south of Spain during the Civil War.                    The Spanish Civil War started in July 17th 1939 to March 28th 1939 the ones who were participants was a Republican the key people that were involved in the Civil War was Franco, Dolores ibarruri, Hugo sperrle, and Juan Negrin  Lopez. There was two sides in the water one side where the Nationalist and the other side which was the Republicans the Republicans Urban workers many educated middle-class also they had agriculture labourers and the Nationalist had business owners landowners and also had two people that were important to the military they also had Roman Catholics. Both Republican and nationalist had in between groups covering political Spectrum from Monarchism and conservatism.