In that he or she decides to buy

In our opinion,
it is impossible to change ingrained consumer behaviour in a short time.
Deep-seated behaviour structures are usually connected to a lot of factors, not
just depending on the individual but also factors that depend on social
aspects. Ingrained consumer behavior is depending on social status of the
individual and what is seen as social acceptable. In the case study model this
means for example if the possession of a car ensures this social status or even
secures a higher position in society it is more likely that the person rather
buys a car to own it instead of using the car rental system explained before.
Further habits are an important factor in the decision if Flexcar should be
used or not. If the consumer is used to have an own car that he can use also
spontaneous without planning before, it is more likely that he sticks to that
habits and act as usual. Further psychographic aspects can influence the
decision taken to rent or possess a car. If the person is highly interested in
cars it is likely that he or she decides to buy a certain type of car and uses
it rather as an extension of his or her personality. So, in this case, the
preferences will lead to the decision to buy and own a car instead of renting
it. Even demographic factors can influence such a decision. In case the
customer is an elderly person it might be more likely that this person is used
to possess a car due to the social environment he or she grew up with. At this
time it was not usual to rent a car so maybe this person will not be open
minded to this concept of innovative car renting. So concluding it can be said
that it is not easy to change ingrained behaviour overnight due to many facts.
So it is likely that a new launch of a product is depending on the customer and
therefore needs time.

To find a solution for this occurring
problem it is important “to carve out a profitable niche by finding a very specific
market that might be more conducive to change”. (, 2003) In
this particular case mentioned above it could be solved by focusing on smaller
businesses that can not afford an own fleet or organizations. For this specific
target group, it is important that their consumer behaviour is not reliant on
individuals and the behaviour is not seated. There are different aspects that
have to be taken into account to see if it is truly possible to change the
behaviour to push a new product to the marketplace. First of all the criteria
for acceptance of innovation has to be fulfilled. That means how likely is it
that the target group accepts and adopts the new product. Further compatibility
is important. That means to which degree is the product consistent with
consumers values, cognition and behaviour. Additionally, it is important what
advantage this product gives the customer compared to the previously used
product or concepts. There are lots of other factors, just to name two more
there is trialability and simplicity. Concluding it is to say, if this car
rental concept should be launched more profitable it should define its target
market or even customer more specific. Targeting small companies and going to
business- to- business trait is more efficient than focusing on private
customers. Further, it has to be targeted in which countries it can be
launched, where people can afford to drive or even rent a car or further in
which countries it is more likely to possess cars.

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