In The main aim of the project

In recent years, the rise in global temperatures attributed to the use of fossil fuelled vehicles has triggered the need for green vehicles. Also, the lack of sources for non-renewable fossil fuels may affect the transportation system of future generations. The main aim of the project is to develop a two-seater hybrid human-powered vehicle. Human-powered vehicle is a vehicle which utilizes human muscle power for propulsion. It dates back to ancient times and now is used for various purposes, such as urban transportation, recreation in western countries and is frequently realized in the form of bicycles or tricycles. In developing countries, where bicycles and tricycles are still an important means for commute, extending cyclist?s endurance is even more important as it implies longer travelling distances. However, the cyclist?s endurance will be of use only if the pedalling power generated by the cyclist is efficiently transferred to the driven wheels. So, the transmission system of human powered vehicle has to be designed to meet all the requirements efficiently. A study on various transmission systems available is done and most suitable system for our application is designed and developed. The main methods of using human power to propel a land vehicle are some kind of drivetrain; pushing laterally against the ground with a wheel, skate, or ski that simultaneously moves forward; by pushing against the ground directly with an appendage opposite to the direction of travel; or by propeller. Human-powered land vehicles can be propelled by persons riding in the vehicle or by persons walking or running and not supported by the vehicle. In this chapter, an attempt has been made to provide an overview about the existing research work that has been carried out in the development of Hybrid-Human powered vehicle. The development of this prototype is a done to combat the dire need to reduce carbon-footprint. This vehicle has been developed for the purpose of local transport and commutation in and across the city. The target speed of the vehicle is 20km/hr.  The distance to be powered by electric motor is about 30km.