In order to make a connection between the
Faith of the Seven with Catholicism, we first have to understand what it is. “The
Faithful” devote themselves to The Seven Who Are One, a solitary deity with
seven unique aspects: the Father, the Mother, the Warrior, the Maiden, the
Smith, the Crone, and the Stranger. Essentially, the religion does access
polytheism from time to time, in terms of disciples supplicating independently
to the identities with whom they distinguish or whose assistance they look for.

The Faith of the Seven has places of worship, known as septs, where the faithful
worship and are loaded with a hierarchy of male religious figures called
septons (female religious figures, or septas, for the most part served in
respectable houses). It even has holy scriptures, such as, “The
Seven-Pointed Star,” which gives the ethical code and standards to which
adherents follow. For example, objecting gambling, prostitution, homosexuality,
and incest. Like any religion, there are distinctive understandings and diverse
levels of universality. The most relevant are the Sparrows, a faction that
guides poor people and doesn’t let the rich free essentially in light of the
fact that they are powerful. Their leader is known as the High Sparrow, and was
in the end selected High Septon. 

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