In a pretty new phrase, even though

In the recent years, there has been talk of so called “fake
news”.  Sometimes this is to help a
certain group of people or to just get money from clickbait.  One of the worst things about fake news is
that people spread it so quickly and it gets out to everyone.  Once other news stations and writers hear
about drama, they sometimes don’t even check if it is true and they post about
it.  A way to spot fake news is to check
the websites credibility, and see where you got the information to see if it is
true or false.  Fake news is a very
important thing to know about and look for.

Fake news is a fairly new subject or term that has been used
in the last 125 years.  Fake news is
frequently used to describe a political story which is seen as damaging to an
agency, entity, or person.  However, it
is by no means restricted to politics, and seems to have a place in terms of
the general news.  One of the reasons
that fake news is such a recent addition to the vocabulary is that the word
fake is also young.  There was doubtless
a wide range of expressions that people have used when they felt the need to
indicate that the newspapers had been fibbing, but one of the most common ones
was false news.  You can see this phrase
in use as far back as the 16th century. 
The phrase “fake news” is a pretty new phrase, even though the
definition has been happening for a while, but called something different.

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 One of the main
reasons “fake news” started recently being talked about is because of the most
recent presidential election.  People
were saying they were reporters when really they were just sending out false
statements about the candidate they didn’t approve of.  Some of these imposters did it to influence
the outcome of the election and others just did it to make money.  When they would try to influence the outcome
of the certain situation, they would make up lies about the candidate they did
not like, and other people would see it and think that candidate was a bad
person.  Some people would realize it was
wrong and still keep their thoughts together but others would think it is true
and not look and see if it is correct, and they would change their minds and
votes.  This is very similar to the
Internet Credibility that was talked about in 1st quarter because
these people who would change their mind because of fake news would not check
the credibility in these websites, newscasts or newspapers.  To check the credibility, you can look for
mistakes.  If there are many grammar or
punctuation errors, you may realize the information may be incorrect.  You should also look for .org, .edu and so
on, .com is not always the best website. 
People should look out for fake news and not just assume the worst of
people.  The first amendment which is the
freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and petition, protects fake news
because it says we are allowed to speak of any opinions we have.  So if someone wanted to write a random story
making up lies so their opinion of that certain person would get out, they
would be allowed and that is where a lot of fake news is from.


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