In to open their eyes in the upcoming

the movie “The Book of Eli”, depicts a story of a post nuclear fallout America
wherein resulted to chaos that the only goal was survival. There is a lone
traveler named Eli, wandering America’s wastelands. The plain landscape is
scattered with bombed highways, discarded cars, deserted buildings, and the
occasional picked- clean body. This period indicated that there is scarcity of
food and water, wherein you can only purchase these resources through trade of
whatever material you possess. This movie portrays the ways of how people set
aside civilized behavior for survival, which there is ignorance of social order
or restraints on people’s morale. For instance, there is a scene in the movie
wherein the nice couple’s only way of survival is through cannibalism. That’s
how scarcity of food is depicted in this movie. I recommend others to watch
this film to open their eyes in the upcoming years to come as the global
economy continuously disintegrating.

this New World, basic goods needed for survival are insufficient or scarce.

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Thus, people use barter trade methods for valued items, such as gloves and
chopstick. In addition, water is the most appreciated prize for the people that
time, which the antagonist in the movie possesses, named Carnegie. With regard
to this, the townspeople fear Carnegie because he is the one responsible for
rationing amount of water for townspeople to procure, which gives Carnegie the
upper hand to rule them. However, even though Carnegie thought he has the upper
hand over the townspeople, he still in search for a powerful book wherein it
will ensure his dominance over them. It is the book of his childhood – the
Bible. In connection with books, the movie also reveals that books are
inadequate in number or scarce, since the townspeople believed that the reason
of the upcoming years desolation is religion. So, they destroyed all books
specifically the religious books. Until, the protagonist who possesses a
powerful book, came into the scenario amidst of the chaos found everywhere.

This protagonist is known to be Eli. Based on the film, it is believed that Eli
was called by an inner voice that instructed him on what to do and where to go
and promised him of provision and guidance. As I have mentioned above that he
walked through a barren wasteland in full effort to keep focus and stay on the
path. Unfortunately, as he goes along with his journey, he came across with bad
guys that lead to a fight between him and a number of them. But Eli has skillful
hands and has knowledge with combat that makes it easy for him to fight them
without a sweat.

connection with Economics, capitalism is the goods produced to reach the edge
of its contradictions as well as reification, zero mark of use, and yielding
zero production. It has ended activities as a introspective process in Eli’s
journey in the New World, as if the modernization stridden its course to the
utmost of its potential that would jeopardize the foundation of the
industrialization society that created itself.

The anarchy
rebellion brought the society to barren social standards of behavior wherein
violence is interchanged from negotiation. The movie also reveals the identity
of a post-apocalyptic and at the same time crisis-based world. The New World
life-to-life basis, the survivors most especially the young ages should not be
recreated according to the new world’s deteriorated lifeless landscape, absence
of record of pasts as well as the resources scarcity with the stable
contemporary time. With regard to one of the main scenes in the movie, it is marked,
as an identity of one person is lost.

            The movie imparted moral lessons to
its viewers by revealing the character of Eli as a strong-willed and dauntless
man. Despite of his disability, being blind, he fearlessly attends to the
mission given to him. To protect the most powerful and influential book that
time to Carnegie who has ill will to the book, which is the Bible. Another
moral lesson of the movie is that despite of the downfall of the economy of the
New World, such as the scarcity of resources and chaotic civilization, the
townspeople always make sure to survive everyday. We should be inspired by this
film, however not the bad deeds such as cannibalism, taking advantage of other
people etc., instead the perseverance and strong will of the people to be able
to survive and overcome the hardships that the world brought to them. Because
of the downfall of Economy, there is lack of money instead trades are only
available. For instance, in the movie Eli had stayed overnight in a house and
took the belongings of a corpse such as its boots. Moreover, to satisfy his
hunger he cooked a cat and ate it. He also traded objects of his belongings to
quench his thirst for water at the residence of Carnegie. In those times, to be
able to eat and drink you should be witty of different ways to be able to
satisfy your hunger and thirst if you don’t possess trade worthy materials.

            In the Philippines, we also
experience scarcity because of fortuitous events such as typhoons, calamities, landslides,
wars and etc. There are news everywhere that a certain place needs voluntary
works and donation of goods because of scarcity due to the aforementioned
events. For example, the case of Lian, Batangas, the most recent earthquake
wherein resulted to huge aftershocks. The case of one of the strongest typhoon,
which is Typhoon Haima last 2013, that affects numerous towns in the Philippines.

These calamities resulted to scarcity, which is also resolved by our fellowmen
through donations of water and basic necessities such as foods, clothes and
many more. Therefore, scarcity can be resolved and at the same time the economy
can be revived by the collaboration of people for its rebuilding and rebirth. 


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