In with a temperature and pressure of





the process flow, the mixed aromatics is fed into the feed stream with a
temperature and pressure of 197.2°C and 18.19kPa respectively. The component is
then fed through the heat exchangers which is used to adjust the temperature of
the flow. Separator and distillation column is then used to separate the
mixture into its components. The mixture is then finally obtained from the
bottom products with a composition of 0.9839 and with a temperature and
pressure of 104.0°C and 84.00kPa respectively.


initial conditions given to begin this integrated project is a temperature of
197.2°C, pressure of 18.19 bar, molar flow rate of 80000kg/hr and volume flow
rate of 91.75m3 /hr. As
required in this project, we have successfully designed and evaluated a process
to recover the production of toluene which produces 98.39 % purity of toluene
with a composition of 0.9839 and recovery percentage of 52%.

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this Integrated Project, we were assigned to design a process to recover
toluene from a mixed aromatics stream with the main criteria of having a high
purity of toluene. Our objective of this project is to achieve a purity of
toluene of above 96% which is the standard commercial requirement. In order to
accomplish this, the aspen hysys software is used to generate a process flow
diagram consisting of the heat exchangers, separators and distillation columns to
obtain a high purity of toluene stream as the end product by using and
implementing chemical engineering knowledge such as mass and energy balance. The
hysys software runs in which the flow undergoes separation and distillation
under different temperature and pressure conditions to yield the final product.

which is also known as methylbenzene or toluol, is an aromatic hydrocarbon that
is widely used as solvent for fuel manufacture of other chemicals and
industrial feedstock. Toluene
is considered an aromatic compound because a benzene ring is present in its
chemical structure. Toluene
appears to be a clear colourless liquid which insoluble in water and has sweet pungent,
benzene-like odour and has a density of 0.87g/ml, melting point of 95 °C and
boiling point of 111 °C. Purified toluene usually
contain less than 0.01 percent benzene, while the industrial grade may contain
up to 25 percent benzene.
occurs naturally at low levels in pine oil and is usually produced in the
processes of gasoline via a catalytic reformer, in an ethylene cracker or
making coke from coal. Toluene is obtained from light oil by fractional
distillation. In
many commercial products, toluene is used as a solvent that is present in paint
thinners, nail polish remover, glues, and correction fluid. Toluene has many
uses in different industries. In the explosives industry, it is essential in
making flammables, explosive compound known as TNT or trinitrotoluene. Meanwhile
in the plastic industry, it is an important component in the manufacturing of
nylon and plastic bottles. Hair dyes and nail products include toluene as well
which is utilized by the cosmetics industry.


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