In which will all be examined throughout this

In this essay, I will
attempt to answer my research question by studying the degree to which the “British
Separation of Powers is more adaptable to societal changes compared to the
United States?” To examine whether the British system of Separation of Powers
is more adaptable I have carried out in-depth research on the historical foundations
and origins of the Separation of Powers as well as the Federalist Papers, Acts
of Parliament and the United States Constitution itself. Across political
science, the Separations of Powers has long been a very prominent political theory
that is essential in keeping a balance of power in states. Throughout this
essay I will explore the concept of legitimacy and if one system is more legitimate
because of its ability to be more adaptable to societal changes. With the
United Kingdom holding an ‘Unwritten Constitution’ it makes the case for more flexibility
in contrast to the United States’ strong constitution which can be argued to
lack this flexibility which will all be examined throughout this investigation. 


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