In mind with thoughts that aren’t true about

In the play Macbeth By William Shakespeare the main theme throughout the play is power. Power in Macbeth is very important because the reason macbeth killed duncan is because macbeth wanted more power. I learned in macbeth that  power is more than just a feeling it’s a way of life. There are three different types of power in this play they are physical power spiritual power and emotional power. When macbeth took duncan’s power he didn’t realize the repercussions that come with duncan’s power. For example when macbeth killed duncan macbeth had to kill more people so they wouldn’t find out that macbeth killed duncan.You can get power from a person by aggression and fear these are ways of taking power physically and mentally. Power resides in a person either in their mind or in their body in macbeth’s case his power resides in his mind. Once you have someone’s power you can keep it by trying to maintain the power that you took from them in macbeth’s case he has to keep killing people so that nobody can take his power. Having someone’s power can make you do and say thing that you normally wouldn’t. For example in macbeth he now has duncan’s power and doesn’t act the same way he did before.  Lady Macbeth was successful at convincing Macbeth to kill duncan, the witches were the ones who made it all possible. The witches have the ultimate power over Macbeth because they can fill his mind with thoughts that aren’t true about what he was to be. In turn if lady Macbeth had not been informed about the prophecies then she wouldn’t have expected Macbeth to kill duncan in a desperate attempt to fulfil the prophecies of macbeth becoming king. Macbeth is predicted to be king by the witches but they don’t predict when he will become king. Macbeth’s main desire is for power and what comes with it. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are responsible for his downfall because they were both greedy for power. Macbeth is a tragic hero because he destroys himself by crazy ambitions of wanting power. Macbeth is influenced first by the three witches who predicted him to be king.  Macbeth by william Shakespeare is about the struggle for power. In my opinion there are a few  characters that power affect in this play are lady Macbeth and Macbeth is influenced by the prophecy made by the three witches.  Also the witches hold the most power in this play because they can fill macbeth’s mind with thoughts and actions that he shouldn’t do. Macbeth is also later influenced by his wife lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth holds a great deal of power and control over her husband Because she has filled his mind with ideas of power that he could have.