In have built new international airport. It has

In 1990, the city of Denver in
U.S.A have built new international airport. It has an area over 13,568 hectares. The cost of this
airport about US $ 5 billion that the Federal government present for US $ 685
million and more than $400 million invest by airlines. The Denver airport was likely
represented a model of the future airport (de Neufville, 1995). They try to be
do something new and different from other especially “Automated Baggage handling system”. It was designed in order to allocate and
distribute all luggage in automatically transfer to passenger when they begin process
check in until they pickup luggage. However, this is so disappointing because there
are big problems about the automated luggage system is not work very well. So,
the Denver airport postpone open to May 1994 but by the time it open, it was
delay again for almost 16 months. Because of this delay is make a lot of cost
especially cost of maintaining the airport, the cost is around US $500 million.
Moreover, it also effects to airlines which they lost opportunity cost for
cannot open the route and flight more than one year. They lost around US$ 50

         For “Automated Baggage handling system design”, It was created for the new model airline that no
one has ever use it before. This system was so complexity and new technology.
This system was transfers luggage of passenger from first process check in till
they arrival, airline ,and pick up the their luggage. This delivery system
using about 9 km and more than 33 km which using for transfer carts “the so-called destination-coded vehicles or DCVs” (US Government Accounting Office, 1994; Lantner,

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is important for this system, the conveyor belts was transfer the luggage in
this process. There is some problem of the luggage is not continuous flow as in
traditional system. Each individual luggage will delivery to end terminal point
that identify by unique bar code tag and transfer by radio to tag. This system
directed by about 150 computer network. Furthermore, the speed for each process
is important because this airport is huge so it will use far space in transfer
process. The new automated baggage handling system was designed to be faster
than traditional system. The maximum delivery time was set at 12 min for outbound bags (Lantner,
G 1995). Moreover, ‘the design that will allow baggage to be transported anywhere
within the terminal within 10 minutes’ (Anon, 1993). In addition,
the planer did not plan to deal with expectation movement while check in and
emplane such as too much bag in rush hour.