Implementation inculcate in their minds the importance of

Implementation of the R.A. 10533 has an affiliate
problem like the need of more teachers, although there are a lot people who is
taking up education courses but it is not enough to supply the unchanging needs
of different schools for teachers.

Teaching is the most
challenging job because it is not only teaching the students but also inculcate
in their minds the importance of the education in our daily life and inspiring
them to pursue studying.

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One of the main goals of the new curriculum, or the K to 12
program of the Department of Education, is to mold students physically,
emotionally, psychologically and socially in order to become globally
competitive individuals. In order to achieve this teacher must be globally
competitive, they must aim to possess different skills and knowledge and also
the qualities of a globally competitive teachers so that they can make their
student also a globally competitive human resources. This can be achieve by the
teachers by engaging their selves in different trainings and seminars and
joining on the events that can help them to become globally competitive

 A globally
competitive teachers could handle different situation like different cultural
practices different type of students and develops the skills to foster these
dispositions, knowledge, and performances in learners. Also they need to be
creative and innovative in order to solve the problem in lack of facilities and
equipment’s and in order to make the teaching livelier. Teachers must exude
professionalism in handling the students like fair treatment therefore doesn’t
feel depression or a feeling rejection. Teachers also must show the love and
for teaching because when a teacher is not happy on what he/she is doing it is
hard for them to impart any knowledge to their students. A globally competitive
teachers has the responsibility to take care of their student like their own
son/daughter and also imparting the lessons of life.


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