Immigration a new immigration policy by the

Immigration has been a
controversial topic within the United States for decades. Many people would
define the United States as one made up of immigrants, with some supporting
these people and others viewing them as a threat. As of 2017, there are 11
million illegal immigrants in the United States and over two million
undocumented immigrants in the state of California alone. (add source) As a nation, America opens its doors to outsource jobs
to immigrants, which in return, impacts the nation’s society. In the eyes of
the American government,
these immigrants take the nations jobs, leach off its resources, and terrorize its
neighborhoods. However, in the eyes of their advocates, they occupy jobs that
no one else will do, are here to increase their families value of living, and stay
out of trouble while doing so. As a nation, we continue to stand divided when
it comes to immigration, with one side in favor and the other opposed. Nonetheless,
immigration has transformed America’s labor force, economy, politics, culture, and demographics whether some choose to acknowledge it or

            The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), was
introduced as a new immigration policy by the Obama Administration in 2012. If the requirements are met, this policy
provides undocumented people with a 2-year deferment period in which protects
them from deportation and offers eligibility for a work permit. A few of these
requirements include entering the United States by the 16th
birthday, having no lawful status as of 2012, and having not been convicted of
a felony. Because of DACA, these undocumented recipients, also known as
DREAMers, have been able to live out their lives like any American citizen would.

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In fact, these recipients occupy jobs such as doctors and educators, as well as
construction workers and even business owners. While announcing the new policy,
President Obama said, “They are Americans in their heart, in their minds, in
every single way but one: on paper”, according to a New York Times article from 2012. Since
then, the Trump Administration announced the ending of the DACA program in 2017,
sparking many protests in defense of the policy. The Trump Administration views
DACA as an “unconstitutional amnesty” and has promised to bring it to an end.

Ending DACA would devastate more than 800,000 individuals and families and
would impact the United States economy enormously.

considering the issues of Immigration within the United States, more
specifically California, there are three theories explained in Alan Jay Zaremba’s book Organization Communication that are
necessary to discuss. The first is the primary tension theory which refers to “normal
jitters and feelings of uneasiness experienced when groups first congregate”
(183). Within this theory, there are numerous reasons why participants can feel
uncomfortable prior to meeting with a group. The next theory are secondary
tensions explained as “conflicts that can occur once the session or sessions
are underway” (183). There are four types of secondary tensions that include:
procedural, equity, affective and substantive. The final theory that can be
applied to this issue is groupthink, which refers to “the tendency of groups to
make decisions without considering alternatives” (page #).


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