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Imagine having your limbs amputated due to negligence ! Yes negligence . You read that correctly. Better yet imagine being a young teen having to face something so devastating . Shaniah Rolle did . Shaniah suffered from intestinal problems that caused her spleen and other organs to malfunction and to be removed as a newborn . For those who do not know the spleen acts as a filter for blood as part of the immune system. The spleen also helps fight certain kinds of bacteria . Shaniah was administered medication to prevent series of infections. 13 years ago in October 1998 Shaniah’s mother brought her teen to a malpractice known as the “University of Miami Miller School of Medicine” in the pediatric department for a routine check up . While at her checkup a Medical Assistant Administered an Injection into Shaniah which was designed to protect individuals without spleens from infections .This vaccine however was five months expired  . Eight months later Shaniah became “seriously ill and was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami “. Shaniah had a severe bacterial infection that infected her entire body causing blood clots in her arms and legs. Which later caused gangrene throughout all of her limbs. The “doctors had to amputate her arms and legs above the joints .”  This is what shaniah’s special vaccinations were supposed to shield her from .  With further reading and findings Shaniah has made it through and” will pursue a normal existence since her amputations “. Beyond this though negligence still stands . What did the Medical Assistant do wrong ? What would i have done differently to have prevented such a devastating situation you ask .  Well first and foremost there are 7 Rights to administering a vaccination .That of which  is learned while being in the medical field . Those of which are the right patient , the right medication , the right dosage , the right route , the right technique , time and lastly the right documentation . It is very important to make sure that the medication you are administering is in fact for the proper patient , and most importantly not expired. In this case i couldn’t see why the Medical Assistant didn’t check the vile . Due to the circumstances that this young teen was already facing , taking proper precautions was in fact very important . I definitely would have read documentation regarding the patient’s medical history . Beyond that i would have also followed 3 checks that can also be done . The first check can be done when the medication is pulled and retrieved , this is to ensure that the proper medication is pulled for the right patient and procedure  , the lot number is correct and also your expiration date is valid. Secondly when the medication is being prepared for administration to take place  and lastly will be the final check right at the bedside just before medications is given .  Following all protocols in your medical office are so important so that incidents like this don’t occur . If i was Shaniah’s medical assistant rest assured the proper protocol would have been done to ensure that she infact was in trusting hands and was going to be administered the proper up to date medication . Stories like Shaniah’s and even worse can happen all over the world but regardless where you stand as a medical professional it is in fact our job to ensure the safety of a patient and ensuring they receive the best of care . Like i said in the beginning can you imagine having a limb amputated due to someone’s negligence?.


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