Imagine trip to India and she discovered

Imagine you are all alone outside in the cold with no food or water, and people passing by and doing nothing. As a result that all changed when teens started to help find homes for abandoned pets. Teen activist, such as Faye Carey, Anya Agarwal, and Sparta High School Students are working hard to combat the issue of abandoned pets. Meanwhile most teenage girls are busy doing there nails and and downloading the latest music, Faye Carey is helping rehome abandoned pet. According to Newshub a teenage girl is helping rehome pets. “Faye helps with giving our dogs that generally miss out in the first instance of getting adopted…a second chance. She also spends every Friday volunteering at Animal Control, grooming the new puppies and photographing them for for the facebook page. She also spends around three hours each night organising for people to view the animals, setting up adoptions and replying to emails”. In a result this shows me that Faye really likes to help rehome abandoned pets. It also states ” The pound receives as many as Twenty new dogs each week, most of which need rehoming. This takes a lot of heat off the pound for us trying to get these dogs into homes, says Animal Control officer Vaughan Oliver. The good thing is Faye takes time to present our dogs in the best possible light. All in all this shows me that Faye wants to do everything she can to get abandoned pets into homes. Likewise, when Ayna Agarwal was nine years old she went on a trip to India and she discovered a horrible thing about abandoned pets. According to scholastic, “Ayna Agarwal is very serious when it comes to helping animals.” That’s why she started an international organization to help stop the overpopulation of animals. At first, Ayna’s efforts weren’t taken seriously because she was so young. She was turned away at the first shelter where she tried to volunteer. All in all this shows me that when it comes to helping animals Ayna will always help. It also states that, “”I was in a car with my family and I saw a little puppy on the road,” she said. “She had a hurt leg and a car came by and they didn’t stop or swerve or anything, they just ran over her.” Ayna said she realized then that she had to do something to help these animals. As a result, Ayna leaves no abandoned pets behind. Another issue regarding abandoned pets is during recessions and natural disasters animal shelters get overwhelmed with the number of animals dropped off at facilities. According to Animal Liberation (ALF) “Some sparta high school students want to help volunteered at B.A.R.K.S Animal shelter in Byram. The teens belong to an animal rights group started by Sophomore Amanda Iannuzzi, to advocate for laws protecting animals against abuse. The teens had their work cut out for them as they worked long and hard hours cleaning, painting, and scrubbing cages. All in all this also shows me that these students would work hard for abandoned pets. It also states”The group meets every Tuesday and has come a long way. They hope to become an organized school club. In the future the group hopes to sign petitions and really  make a change in the lives of animals. They also plan on homes. We are the voice to animals, and that’s why we need to do something, and they are helpless without us. As a result this shows me that everything they do is just to help abandoned pets. All in all teen activists are working hard to combat the issue of abandoned pets. In collusion you see all these commercials of abandoned pets with no food or water and teens are trying to find a home for them. After reading all this do you think it is good or bad to leave abandoned pets alone.                                       


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