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Ili Pika© Li WeidongMaybe you or one of your childhood friends had a cute rabbit as a pet, but it certainly was not this little man. Ili Pika is an endangered species and resembles a short-eared mountain rabbit, but it has nothing to do with rabbits or their genetics. Pikas are very small (up to 250 g) and are stained with red spots on the forehead, neck and crown.lazy© NullDocking23 / RedditNobody has a fandom like these adorable creatures! There are only YouTube channels for these people, as well as fan fiction and comic books about them. People in general are fascinated by these furry creatures, with big, lazy eyes. Look at it to find out why!QuokkaCalled “the happiest animal in the world”, the Quokka is a pet that you dare when the strict rules of habitat do not scare you easily. However, you must live in Australia if you hope to find one.Baby snake© bellaluna / imgurThere are many people in the world who are in love with cold-blooded animals. For them, these little snakes are perfect. Although the image is basically a baby, it is definitely unique and adorable in its own way. Oh, you have to feed it with the mouse someday.Hedgehog© TheNom / imgurLiving in forests and parks, hedgehogs are really mice with needles and nice faces. Their facial expressions are distinctive, and they are very beautiful to have. But remember that they are carnivorous creatures, which means they eat insects (not apples, like hedgehogs in fairy tales).skunkSaveParade680Jessica Forneycool Photos / ThingsWe are used to seeing skunks as stinking squirrels, black and white, tall, who are eager to get into the trash. But look at this little skunk with new eyes. Is not that adorable? However, it is a pet for someone who has no sense of smell.tapir© Bradypus / Wikimedia CommonsThis somewhat guilty cross between a piglet and an elephant with a distinctive color and a small habitat is ravishingly awkward, docile enough and an unusual animal. On the plus side, your character is great.MinischweinSpeaking of piglets, the mini-golf fashion has stormed us a few years ago, and you can still meet people on the leash on the road. And can we really blame them?Bonus: Dragon© LivemasterWhile this little thing is made entirely of beads, you can dream, right? In addition, a pet like this does not need any special food or care. What a blessing!Is there an animal that you would like to have as a pet in your home? Share your dreams with us in the comments!Credit Photo Overview Livemaster


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