IGN: it is to get stricken/demoted from a

IGN: NakadoriAge: I am currently 14 and a half years of age.Region: I live in Europe, Greece.Past names: You can see my past names here: https://www.namemc.com/Nakadori .Alt accounts: I have no alternative accounts to use as of now.Timezone: My timezone is GMT +02:00 (Plus Two Hours).Do you have TeamSpeak and Discord?: I do have both.Time usually spent on the server: Since school has started I usually can be online after 6 PM and sometimes when I do not have a lot of work to do, I can be online from around 4 PM.How did you find out about the server?: I found out about the server when it was named Voltix, from a YouTuber, I don’t remember the name.Past experience as a staff member?: My past experience is a lot. I have been a Trial Mod on ParaPvP-Network, a Manager and HCF Owner on HoloNetwork, a Head-Administrator on FrozenWave Network (closed because of the lack of donations), and a Manager on SkyCraft(which has closed from a DDoS that have been done to it) and a Moderator twice on SpainPvP. My past experience has helped me to increase my knowledge and experience horizon and making me more knowledgeable and better about certain things. I do believe, having past experience is a MUST to becoming a staff member in the server of your choice. I have been demoted on the ParaPvP-Network for linking a pornographic URL in chat(I don’t know why I did that) and I was demoted on HoloNetwork because of false accusations. I had one whole year of experience there and I learned a huge amount of things. I corrected a lot of my mistakes and I noticed how easy it is to get stricken/demoted from a server. Although, I resigned twice on SpainPvP and never got demoted. I have a very good reputation built up there. I have gained much experience from the server and the moderation itself making me an even more mature person in general.Why did you apply on Valux and not another network?: I applied on Valux and not on another network because I feel and believe it has the best community I can work with and I could not trust any other network other than this. I have been a player here since it was named Voltix, and I have experienced how staff work here and I would like to say they have been doing the greatest job on helping people, moderating, and in general, doing their job. It also has the best anticheat I have seen. It really evolved since Voltix and I am a fan of that. That is the basic reason I am applying for Valux and not another network.What puts you above over candidates for the trainee position?:These essays below will prove why I should be chosen over other applicants:-Helpful:I can bring many things to the staff team but mostly help. I would love to help the staff team work faster and make the server a better place for its players. I know many staff applications say that but I really mean it. When I contribute time into staffing/moderating on a server I actually try to do my best and answer all questions, check all reports etc. If I have done that wrongly I try harder and harder each time until there is a time when I make most players happy. Most times when I join the server there are people saying, “staff do your jobs and ban the hackers” I feel bad for the staff members that are treated this way by players, and I want to help them out. I know how to work out with Teamspeak and with websites. I know how to use HTML I just need a little reminder. I also really enjoy coding plugins since I have Java knowledge to do it. I would be really happy if I helped with any coding error or anything related to that. I really want to have a try on being a staff member on the Valux Staff Team, because as I said I want to help the other staff members with hackers, spammers and verbal abusers.-Knowledgeable:Unlike a lot of staff applicants, I have carefully and accurately read through the Rules, so I could get the correct knowledge. I know that Trainee can only do certain commands. Hopefully, I will learn a lot more as a Trainee. I’ve said this many times now but it’s really important. Basically, I know a lot about Valux. The game rules and lots of other stuff! I might have missed out on some stuff though since I’ve been out for a while. I have much knowledge on plugin developing as mentioned above which can be a really big PLUS when it comes to knowledge. I have developed multiple plugins on my own, and I am currently working on a big project that is coming soon. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t have time for moderating on Valux.-Mature:I usually am mature, at all times. I make sure I try my best to keep my grammar at the highest standards in any comment so all of the players understand me. Unlike all players, I actually capitalize the I! I mean really, it is not so hard to capitalize one single letter. You may not have noticed but all my I’s in this application are capitalized, which is proof that I care about my grammar. I might not have been using these Big Words in my application. I always try to stay simple, and those complicated words always mess me up. I’m really calm and respectful. I don’t care if I die on a match or if someone insults me which is mature in itself. I try to act professionally by being me and I have shown maturity before to multiple people. I have been told as being really mature at some points in life, in general. My maturity has really helped in a lot of situations and in my opinion, I can solve multiple situations easily now by being mature, but also knowledgeable.-Very good at spotting hackers:As the title says, I’m very good at spotting hackers. I’ve been playing Minecraft for 6 years now. And in those 6 years, I’ve spotted so many hackers. Since I always see hackers on multiple different servers, it started getting easy to spot who is hacking and who is not. I can spot who is glitching and who is legitimately hacking. Also, I’ve tried these hacks myself in single player mode. This made it MUCH easier to spot hackers since I learned more about the hacks. I have also developed a hacked client in the past making me more aware of how hacks work, and which hack is which. I can tell precisely if someone is using Speed or Bunny-Hop, or if someone is using Killaura or Reach. Moreover, I will be very useful in such situations, about punishing users with the correct reason and such. Finally, I admit that I have been a hacker myself in the past, which actually helped me a ton in this portion of catching cheaters.-Fair:When it comes to being fair, I am very good at it. I make sure everything is fair for every player in the community. I am not going to punish my friends differently from other players. They are all the same and they will be punished the same. Fairness is a pretty important “skill” to have. Punishments rely a lot on fairness. Furthermore, as stated above, punishing a friend or person that you know, differently than other players which you do not know, shows unfairness. That’s what I do not do. I am fair at all times, and I punish all rule breakers, etc. the same.-Reliable:When it comes to reliability, I am one to trust in the portion. I have been called being reliable sometimes in the past, not only on the “internet world” but also in real life too. I have been trusted with multiple secrets and important information and have been proved reliable since I haven’t shared the information. Reliability is good when moderating as well. If you’re reliable you can be trusted a lot more, than if you weren’t that much. Also, reliability helps on taking control of certain jobs and such. The last thing I want to say is, if you’re reliable, you’re trustable, and that’s what I’m trying to prove I am.Screensharing experience: I have screenshared before multiple times, although it was really long ago, I still remember some things from it. I know how to detect everything except anything that has to do with Process Hacker, Bucky Roberts (if that is being used now) string searching et cetera. I would like to be trained to be able to do so since as I said, I haven’t screenshared anyone for the past 2 years. The screensharing was different back then so that’s why I do not know of the new detecting techniques and tools. Although my overall experience with screensharing is pretty reliable and efficient, I could say, I do need a bit of a refreshing.Any past punishments?: (Don’t lie, we check) I have one past punishment, for Macros (Found in SS).Extra information you would like to include: If not enough information has been written, I am sorry for that. I have been told having dyslexia or some form of that disease. I am not able to write big essays for anything. Even in school, I am like that. I also have developing knowledge. I would also like to state that I checked my own written application for plagiarism, and came up as 100% unique.What languages can you fluently speak?: I can speak Greek and English fluently.?