If we are to know how different

If we are to know how different lives we have, just think about the
injustice as an everyday factor that changes the position of the people out of nowhere,
or it is constantly forbidden for the people to do what they love. That’s what
these two movies are about.

Let’s start with the title. “Osama” , we are given nothing but a name,
and a short movie trailer that makes us want to watch the movie. As it is for
the audience, the story alone is enough for the audience to connect. However
for the ” In the Fade” I don’t think that the title is suitable, nor the
English translation, nor the Slovenian. The German title is “Aus dem Nichts”
which is translated as “Out of Nowhere”, and according to my way of seeing the
things it relates way better to the story. So with the title “In the Fade” it
might need more pushing and advertising to reach to the audience. As I
mentioned both movies are based on an injustice story, but there is a big
difference in the injustice the people experience. In the first movie, “Osama”
, the story is more of showing the things, than talking. The story is about the
injustice of a gender, the injustice of the women in Afghanistan. In that time,
in Afghanistan ruled the Taliban. So it was forbidden for every woman to have
any kind of job, speak to a man or even show a part of her body. The most
hurtful of these forbidden thing is not being able to work, since it is time of
war and a lot of the families are left with no man in the house, which
basically means that they are left to starve to death. It is a story of a
family where the husband died in a battle, same as the brother of the mother.
So there are three women left all alone, with no one to feed them, a
grandmother, a mother and a daughter. With no other choice to be seen, the
mother decides to cut the girls hair and pretend that she is a boy, so she’ll
be able to work. Not thinking about the coincidence, the girl ends up being
judged for pretending to be a boy, the judgment is whether being stoned to
death or the “better” version, if someone rich wants to marry them, they just
gave the girls away. So in this case the girl ends up in the hands of an old
man, who is now her husband, but she is just one of his many wives.  Moving to the storyline of the second movie,
“In the Fade”. The movie starts with a bit of backstory of the family Sekerci
and the things they have been through, stopping where they finally get to be
all together and live a happy life. Presented as an ordinary simple day, the
mother and wife Katja, leaves her husband and son in the office of her husband.
To add some weight to this storyline, the line ” I’ll pick you up later”, being
some kind of impossible to make come true promise is added. The next thing we
know is that Katja is informed that in the building where her husband’s office
is based has been an explosion and both her son and husband are dead. And when
she asks to see the bodies, she is left with nothing but “They are no longer
human bodies”. The next day, the streets of Hamburg are poured with rain as
additional indicator of her feelings where she is torn apart and all
broken.  Desperate for information about
the killer, she decides to ask for help from her husband’s friends, but they
deny not wanting to get in any trouble. Meanwhile, the police moves in a wrong
direction with the investigation since they are looking something connected
with the drug dealing background  Nuri,
the husband, had. The storyline titled ” Justice ” is a sequence in a
courtroom, where we have the two suspects, a husband and wife. The drama is not
forgotten here too, the short replies Katja is given emphases the intension,
but also it gets messy when we find out that fingerprints from both suspects
are found on the crime scene. And the fact that the police wants to cover the
tracks and not make big deal out of this, makes Katja so angry and with no
choice, but to continue all alone with the investigation. She is on to
something, not knowing or thinking about the danger she can get to, the only
thing she cares about is the promise she made to herself, REVANGE. She wants to
find the killer and pay for what he did, one or another way.   That last question brings about a startling
change of scene and tone in the movie’s final section, which appears like a
miniature film noir set within the incongruous sunshine of Greece. however
simply as “In the Fade” ought to be reaching its starkest, sharpest factor, as
Katja’s pain pushes her to the edge. Where he completely loses her mind and no
solution seems to be available for her, but doing what has been done to her-
taking a life, since she finds herself in a hopeless place where her life has
no more meaning. Mr. Akin’s focus seems to waver at the end, and the sense of
tough existential clarity that is his greatest virtue goes blurry. The
ending is puzzling, when it wants to be devastating, and the political and
personal sides of the story, rather than illuminating each other, fight to a
Katja decides to kill the people who took the most precious things from her,
the same way they killed her son and husband, using a bomb. For this action
there can be few ways of seeing the things. The first one is where is left with
no choice and the only justice she sees is that. The second one is taking a
life would not bring a justice. And the last one is where by using a bomb
innocent people may die, and she will do to someone else, the same thing that
has been done to her. This movie is one of those which are very open for debate
about the ending. I myself would state that killing is never the answer, since
we live in more sophisticated society and the case could be taken on
international level, for me that is the best choice given in this case and
let’s not forget no more blood would be spilled. The story ends up with the
revenge and blood splitting, she kills the couple and she loses her life as

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As it is for the technical part, “Osama” is way older
movie, so the quality of the image is much worse than the one we are presented
in “In the Fade”. And somehow the producers of “In the Fade” managed to present
the image from way better angle and perspective than the producers of “Osama”.

So the main difference between these two movies is
that the first is based on the injustice of a gender, and the other is a story
of injustice on one woman. But the common thing is that they are both tragic
movies, they both have unhappy endings. And my personal favorite thing, the
movies didn’t really end like you would expect, so there is a lot of space for
discussion about how things should be, what would be better and which way the
things should go.


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