If Rome. This had all caused the fall

If we were to choose a government today it would most likely be the Roman government
this is because the Roman government was advanced for its time and was constructed with
corruption and instability except the senate would usually have more power over the executive
branch and there was very little independence among the branches of government. This tended to
be heavily influenced by dominant political faction, but the United States distributes its power
relatively evenly. Due to this each state has both local and national or federal representatives
and this helps promote the interests of the people in a way that the Roman government hadn’t.
The American republic is a lot more evolved and refined then that of ancient Rome. This all
includes to the fact it would be more likely to choose the United States government today instead
of the ancient Rome government. Although both of the Rome and United States are and were
both very great nations.
The Roman Empire and the United States are in fact two very great nations although
many people consider that Rome’s empire was the greatest empire that had ever existed. It is
true that many people also believe that the United States has surpassed Rome and is the greatest
nation to ever exist, but there’s a catch. Rome and United State have the fact in common that
they are both very great nations but there is a big difference between the two. Unlike the United
States ’empire’ today, Rome’s empire had fallen. Rome had done one thing the United States
hasn’t and that the falling of the Roman empire. Declining the morals, values, political eruption,
unemployment, inflation, and the military spending of Rome. This had all caused the fall of
Like many people in our present day culture in the United States, the materialistic
attitude of the Romans was a pivotal part of their culture. This material was exhibited by many of
the Romans they appeared to value monetary wealth a great deal and thrived on showing off by
buying materialistic things. In the present culture of the United States, there are many people
who show the same attitudes as in a book called Satyricon. Like in Ancient Rome, the pursuit of
material wealth has become an extremely common goal for the many people in the United states
today. People had always strived for elegant homes , fancy cars, and name brand clothing and
jewellery to show off peoples wealth and how rich they are. Like ancient Rome, we all like to
show off our wealth with materialistic things as like the list above. Society altogether seems to
fund the wealth of people more attractive than those of who do not have wealth like those of the
lower classics society.
The government of Rome was controlled by consuls which concludes of two people
which they had served each a year altogether, unlike the United States government today
whereas we have presidents instead of consuls and our president’s rule and hold there
government position four years per term and a person or in this case president can have up to two
years if elected twice. Aside from these two differences in their government positions they are
similar because both head executive can be removed from power by the legislative branch. 


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