If has to offer. As far as

If you like to travel alone, we have some of
the most remarkable places of the world that can be an ideal choice for solo
travelers. Without further ado, let’s read about 8 of those best places to
travel alone around the world.

1. Taipei, Taiwan

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It is located at in Taiwan, the northern
section of it. Over there, you can visit beautiful markets at night. The
streets are full of pop-up stores and carts covering an area of 10 blocks.

The prices are quite reasonable that allow
you to enjoy the culture, food and the fashion. If you are sick of the busy
lifestyle of cities, Taipei offers remarkable day hiking areas. That’s all what
most who travel alone need.

Traveling in the cities is easy. You can take
a bus to travel from one place to another without spending a great deal of

The crime rate is not too high in Taiwan, but
you should be careful. People over there are generally friendly towards those
who travel alone.

2. Portland, Ore.

On the West Coast of the USA, you can find
Portland. This city is popular for its natural beauty. Even if you are on a
budget, you can check out different types of foods the city has to offer.

As far as cost is concerned, food prices are
not high because the transportation of food is easy. It’s possible to travel
around the city on foot or a bike. For long distance travel, it’s better to opt
for public transport, which is quite affordable.

All in all, Portland is safe, but you may
need to avoid doing to a couple of place while you travel alone, such as West
Burnside Street, Old Town, Lents and Hazelwood, to name a few.

3. Toronto

Toronto is located in the north western of
the Lake Ontario. If you want to travel alone, you can head to the Toronto
islands. All you have to do is get a ferry and it won’t take you long to get

The islands are beautiful with no cars around
so you can explore the beauty of the Island on foot or bike.

As far as the cost is concerned, know that
the price won’t be higher than you have to pay in New York City or Las Angeles.
However, staying in hotels may cost you more. You can find good hotels near
almost every important place in the city.

According to most people who travel alone,
Toronto is safe; however, the outdoor neighborhood may not be an ideal choice
for solo travelers.

4. Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro is one of the best places to
travel alone around the world. It features many rainforests, pristine beaches
and beautiful mountains. Plus, you have a deep blue sea to spend some time at.
As a matter of fact, Rio is on the list of the most breathtaking places on this

While there, you can enjoy the beautiful
landscape or you can go hiking if you have the time. For hikers, the best place
is Sugarloaf Mountain that offers glorious views.

If possible, we suggest that you look for
some follower travelers to check out the amazing downtown area as well.

If you have plenty of time under your belt,
you should go check out the museums and historic buildings located in this
city. Rio also have beaches if you love to spend some time there basking in the

5. Dublin

Dublin is also one of the best places to
travel around the world. Vikings accommodated Dublin and the soon this place
became one of the best destinations in the entire Europe. 

In Dublin, you have a lot of museums to see.
You will be amazed by the rich history and culture of the city. You may also
want to give a go to the Guinness Storehouse, which shares the same experience
you can have at Disneyland. Don’t get me started about the food. It’s just
delicious. So, you may want to go there on an empty stomach.

6. Bangkok

If you are bored of your loneliness and want
to go somewhere to have fun, head straight to Bangkok, which is a hub of beauty,
chaos and energy, all in one place. If you are looking for one of the best
places to travel alone around the world, go nowhere but Bangkok.

If you are looking to know more about the
culture of Buddhists, Bangkok is the place for you to travel alone. The city
has scores of temples where you spend a while appreciating the culture of this

To check out the waterways, you can use boats
and binge on the delicious food over there. The best food that you should check
out while over there is cuisine.

You can have a lot of bargains on decent
hotels and food. You can stay in good hotels without spending a good deal of
money, and the food is not expensive either.

If you want to travel around in Bangkok, you
can use the public transport, which is quite affordable. This is what makes
Bangkok one of the best places to travel alone around the world.

7. San Francisco

In North California, San Francisco is one of
the biggest cultural and financial hubs. Once you are there, the first thing
you need to do is enjoy brunch. For this, you can head to any of the several
restaurants and cafes.

Once you have had your brunch, you may want
to leave for Haight-Ashbury. That’s the place where the famous hippie movement
surfaced. Make sure you see the Golden Gate Park if you have some extra time.
This is an ideal place for those who travel alone.

San Francisco may be a bit expensive;
however, most people who travel alone can afford it. Before you leave for this
city, don’t forget to get a few pairs of walking shoes. You can use public
buses to go from one place to another comfortably.

8. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is popular for a lot of what it has
to offer, such as rich culture, coffee shops, colored houses and beautiful
canals. All of this makes this place one of the best places to travel alone
around the world.

Over there, you can go to the man-made Island
called IJburg if you want to swim or bask in the sun for a while. But if you
want to spend some time somewhere quiet, Vondelpark should be your choice.

So, if you want to travel alone, these are
some of the best places to travel alone around the world. Hope you will have a
lot of fun while you travel alone.