If real time sentiment analysis. Customer reviews in

If we want to
study and analyzes people’s opinions, sentiments, attitudes, and emotions from
written language then sentiment analysis and opinion mining is needed. In
recent times it is one of the most popular research field in Natural Language Processing
and studied in data mining. This systems are used in almost every companies and
social domain. Cause opinions are influential to human behaviors and activities.


So, my interest
is growing in research on analyzing opinions, feelings, and subjective evaluation
in text. Sentiment analysis and opinion mining addresses such problems as
distinguishing  objects from a particular
propositions, identifying positive and negative sentiment, determining different
expression of opinions, and summarizing writers judgments over a large texts. Important
applications include Web mining for consumer and political opinion
summarization, business and government intelligence analysis, and improving text
analysis. This features are the field of eager of my research.

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interaction is also very interested to me, which enables live discussions and a
key feature of most Web applications. In such an environment, the ability to
automatically analyze user opinions and sentiments as discussions develop is a
powerful resource known as real time
sentiment analysis.


Customer reviews
in online is considered as a significant information which is useful for
customers and manufacturers. Most of the time human decision is influenced by
the judgment or review of others. Before taking a step customer likes to collect
as much as information they can. Company analysis the popularity among customers
to take next decision. Social platforms like Facebook, twitter and others uses
their repositories of useful data in terms of review, likes and comments. Micro
blogging platform like twitter has become an important media to collect public
mood. They have evolved to become a source of varied kind of information. This
is due to nature of microblogs on which people post real time messages about
their opinions on a variety of topics, discuss current issues, complain, and
express postpositive sentiment for products they use in daily life. This has
become a surprising platform of public review and there is a huge opportunity
to do bigger research with the review. Working with the data from social media
is another field of interest of mine.


News from papers
and blogs can be positive or negative. So analyzing the news which contains
huge data and opinion can bring out the real meaning and that can be useful to
improve or change public sentiment. This is also one of the many many
interesting directions that can be explored by opinion mining and sentiment
analysis. That why it is more interested to me.