IaaS: our data, can easily protect our data

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service


IaaS gives
us the computing facilities, virtual or physical machines. By paying the
required amount, third parties allow users to install their virtual server on
their systems. However, IaaS users need to manage their data, OS, applications

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Examples are Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Windows Azure


PaaS: Platform as a Service


PaaS gives us operating system,
programming, database, web server etc. it is just a layer on top of the IaaS.
In this all networks can be monitored by third party however developers only
take care of applications.

Examples Google
app, Apache Stratos sec.


SaaS: Software as a Service


 SaaS uses the
internet to deliver applications to its users. We don’t need to buy or download
apps to use it for examples Gmail, on PCs majority of the users use web
browsers to access it.

Examples Gmail,
Facebook etc.



Cloud Services: – Cloud Services help users to
install and manage Virtual Machines and Applications without the need of
physical machines. It means we will focus more on apps not on hardware, will
save money and meet our demands. It comes with health monitoring and load balancing.
without compromising anything. Moreover, we can test our Applications before
bringing it into action.


Virtual machine: Most important feature is that we
can create windows virtual machine in seconds. We can also encrypt our data,
can easily protect our data and machines from hackers or from viruses. It also
supports Linux, Windows SQL Server, Oracle, IBM and SAP.





Virtual Network: – In Azure we have our own Private
network. We can set our own IP addresses and DNS Servers and Connection is
secured with IPsec VPN or with ExpressRoute. Traffic in one or more regions of
Azure always stays in Azure network it is not on Internet. So, as we are using
our own private ip addresses and subnets it is same as we own a datacenter.


Traffic Manager: – we can statically router
incoming traffic for better performance. It automatically helps to enhance the
responsiveness of our apps with better cloud migration. It can improve the
availability of apps that we use by checking azure services or external and can
easily automatically direct user to new location in case of failure.





Disk Storage: – Azure provides premium SSDs and
Standard HDD. SSDs are best for users who use intensive application, have
workload and who’s performance is priority while HDD are good testing purposes
and HDDs also cost less. All of them are highly durable, always available and
most important they very secured. Azure also has 0 Annualized failure rate.


Site Recovery: – Site Recovery is a Disaster
recovery plan. It comes with mechanical protection and replication of VM. We
can also check the performance using remote health monitoring and has
customizable plans. Interestingly Replication is in Azure datacenter as well as


+ Mobile


Web Apps: – It supports both Windows and Linux
platforms. It also has inbuilt load balancer with high availability of auto
patching which is great in todays world. It also supports WordPress, Drupal
etc. users can get apps very easily using .NET, Java, PHP (windows) or .NET,
Node.js or Ruby (Linux).

Media Services: – Azure helps to make our workflow
even more great with Professional studio grade encoding in the cloud which is
unique compares to other vendors, has single player for everything. For those
who love to share their creativity Live Broadcasting is always there to help




Batch: – it is a Scheduler and
compute manager to scale thousands of VMs so that one can easily take care of
them with all the information available at the finger tips. Moreover, we can
even choose jobs to run either on windows or on Linux hassle free. It is very
helpful in managing and using it on cloud that’s the main key of attraction for


Web app for containers:
– With this
service we can easily install and use we application in few minutes to get the
most of out of it. To manage all this azure comes with maintain features like
it has inbuilt auto scaling and load balancing available. It highly available
and it also has fault tolerance to protect our data.




SQL Database: – Azure SQL Database is built with
and it is intelligent to help users to complete their work easily. It has built
in security to protect data like Threat Detectors to warn users if anything is
going wrong with their data. With optimizations it increases it performance if
there is more workload than usual. It is great because it works seamlessly on
physical or on cloud.


Table Storage: – it can easily store up to petabytes
of data and keep in mind it is all in cloud and we don’t even have to care
about availability because it replicates 3 times of same data within a region. And
another in another region far away.


+ Cognitive Services


Learning: – It
helps the computer to learn from users how they use their computer it senses,
process and act on information. All these things help a machine to be proactive
to provide everything you need on your fingertips and it automatically
increases our work flow.


Vision API: –
AI helps to get deep information from the images and to process visual data. It
can scan handwritings from images to check it and to get information with the
help of machine learning for information to display it or to send it.

of Things


Logic Apps: –


We can
easily connect apps and services with azure logic apps without even writing a
single line of code. As we know it has SaaS, so it is easy to use services like
office 360, twitter, drop box and we can update them in real time. More services
are being added.


Time Series Insights: –  Most attracting part of it is that it does not
requires upfront time to start so we can start our work with connecting to
billion events in our Azure loT in minutes. Even though, it ingests millions of
sensor events per day and it makes 400-day worth of time available every minute.




Data Factory: – Azure Data Factory allows us to
create and schedule workflows everywhere in our data, in cloud. It is secure
and easy way to protect data. We can use pipeline to set our result into
intuitive form so that it can be use users and it is machine learning is also
integrated into it.


Service Bus: – With the integration of MaaS it is
reliable and secure way to build apps with messaging. Even though, without
virtual private network we can connect securely and monitor all our services
within minutes.


+ Identity


Azure Security Center: -With the help of azure security center
we can easily check all our security system on cloud as well as on premises. It
can easily fix all the vulnerabilities before they harm the system. If the
threat is occurring multiple time it is also going to find the reason behind



Visual Studio Team Services: – This service helps the
users to share code with each other or to some third party with that said they
track their work which can automatically increase their workflow and outcomes. They
can track bugs and can fix them easily and can also give feedback to each other.
They can code in any language and it is available for free up to five users.


Xamarin and Azure: – We can create mobile with the help of cloud to provide it
to the millions of customers. We can customize Authentication notifications and
sync rate and even we can make sync offline. Features like face recognition,
visual search help to make to more secure and usable than ever before.


+ Management


Azure Monitor: – It’s better to detect an issue before it affects our
business. With Azure Monitor, we can set up alerts proactively to events by
setting up automated actions. Azure Monitor gives us
the basic tools we need to analyze and diagnose any operational issue.


Analytics: – With
the help of log analytics we can easily collect log data from multiple sources.
We can use machine learning
to detect and mitigate potential issues before they impact users. We
can easily Create powerful dashboard using custom search queries to build data


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