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????????????????????? PreludeMy in-game name is Wimpay/Shrugger and I am a hard working person striving for greatness in this community.I really love seeing this network grow and I would love to be apart of it again.I was an ex-staff member of the faithfulmc network before I resigned from faithfulmc on good terms. (I’ll explain why I resigned later on in the application).If offered this position again on the faithfulmc network I will work even harder then I did last time.In the past, on my last servers, I have enjoyed the role of a staff member because at the end of the day you feel good because you have helped the players out. I just want to make this game enjoyable by getting rid of hackers and toxicity in the faithful community.? IGN (In Game Name)My in-game name was Wimpay but I recently just changed it to Shrugger. If you would like the link to my previous names Click Here? AgeI am currently 14 years of age but I will be turning 15 on May the 7th this year.? TimezoneMy current timezone is AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) UTC+10? CountryI am currently living in Australia.? Do you have a good quality mic?I currently have a g933 Logitech Gaming Headset.?Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?Yes, I have both Telegram and Teamspeak.I also have Telegram on my phone so I will always be contactable 24/7.? How many hours can you put on the server per weekMonday | 3-8 HoursTuesday | 3-8 HoursWednesday | 3-8 HoursThursday | 3-8 HoursFriday | 4-10 HoursSaturday | 5-12 HoursSunday | 5-11 Hours? Any previous punishments on Faithful?A long time ago I was blatantly hacking on the faithfulmc network.I was banned from the faithful network and I totally regret making that decision.So I applied for a ban appeal and was given access to play on the faithfulmc network again. But I have been punished since here and there for making silly mistakes and I have learned from these mistakes and gained more knowledge and understanding making me more mature and more fit for this position on the faithfulmc staff team.? Block glitchingI was block glitching on kitmap and was warned for it by iAussie.I haven’t block glitched ever since and I a truly sorry for any damage I have caused.? SpamI have been muted a couple times from console for spamming in chat join my red rover.It was really late at night and there was barely any players on.I am sorry if I caused any damage while doing so.? Kick And KillI was falsely banned by BraxtonBattles for kick and kill.I kicked an old faction member that was inactive and freeloading.After I kicked him he logged on and he started critting me out. I recorded him attacking me first then I killed him. After the incident, he was moved by BraxtonBattles in Teamspeak and he falsely accused me of kick and killing him.I showed BraxtonBattles the proof I recorded and I was given access to play again.? Console BanI got a new computer and I downloaded OCMC.I hopped on faithful practice and I was lagging a lot because I was downloading a game.I was freezing because of my high ping and everything just started to lag out. I was critting the player out when the server was frozen and I think I got banned for setting off too many “auto clicker” alerts by the console.I went into Teamspeak not too long after that incident and they said they unbanned me and a lot of other players by the console for “reasons”.? Kill BoostingI was on clans and I was messing around with iAussie and Jtetchy .iAussie got angry and temp banned me for 60 seconds for killing him when he went out of /staff a bunch of times (kill boosting). I did not know that kill boosting was bannable until now and I am deeply sorry for the damage I have caused in the chat.? BlacklistedI was recently blacklisted by Java8 because I did not give 1 week in advance for resigning.After being blacklisted for a while I was unblacklisted and given access to play again on the faithfulmc network.I am very sorry for my actions but this time I am planning to stay with the faithfulmc network for a lot longer this time than I originally did.If accepted I will be aiming to become an Admin or even higher.I just want to say all of these bans and mutes were just me being immature at the time. I am deeply sorry if I have caused any damage to the faithful community.I am not toxic at all but it was just silly decisions I made not thinking about the consequences.Any past experiences in being a staff memberMarsHCF My first server I was ever staff on was MarsHCF.I was a trial-mod on MarsHCF and I learned the basics like how to “SS” (Screen-share) and help people in the support waiting rooms. It was a good server to get started on as they had around 150-200 players.I stayed with MarsHCF for about a month and a half then resigned because the owner was using his powers over the other players and I didn’t want to be apart of a server like that.ExcileHQThe second server I was staff on was ExcileHQ. I started off as a trial-mod and worked my way up to AU/NZ Staff Manager.When being staff manager on ExcileHQ I learned a lot of key attributes such as being a leader.In my opinion, I was a very good leader when it came to the staff team and none of them disliked me they all looked up to me.SOTW came and we were ranging between 100-200 players.I was with the server for about five to six months and it was going great until a person by the name of QpL (The US/EU Staff Manager) started using his power over me and the staff team and ddosed me and everyone else off because he thought it was funny. After that incident, I resigned and so did a lot of the other staff members along with me.After I resigned the server shutdown and I have never heard of it since.SinisterThe same owner of ExcileHQ said he was creating a server basically reviving ExcileHQ and he offered me a position as a trial-mod. I worked my way all the way up to staff manager. Everything was going fine with the server and we were ready for release until there was a lack of communication with some of the owners and they Etb’ed the server right before release.After that, they shut down and never came back up. FaithfulMCI was staff on the faithfulmc network for about 2-3 weeks.I was really active and I was on at least 3-13 hours every day.I was very quick and efficient when helping out in the support waiting rooms.The reason why I resigned was that I had IRL things going on and a certain staff member wasn’t making it any better for me.He did get demoted for what he said but I was very upset and I wanted to leave the faithful staff team immediately. I shouldn’t have resigned straight away and I should have talked to someone else about it before being so quick to resign. I am very sorry for letting down my staff manager (Java8) and for leaving all of my friends without talking to them about any of it. If given a second chance I deeply promise I won’t be so quick to resign even if things are bad. ? Why do you want to become staff?I would love to become staff on the faithfulmc network because I think I would work a lot harder this time then I did before.All I want to do is help the community and better the network.Whether it’s chilling with someone in Teamspeak, helping out in support waiting rooms or banning someone for breaking the rules I would always give it 100% to be the best staff member I can possibly be.I am very invested in the faithful network and I always will be. This time around I will be very dedicated to the faithfulmc network and If given this chance I can show that by working a lot harder than I did last time. I have been dedicated since map three on the faithfulmc network and that will never change. This time around I will be striving for greatness to try and achieve my goals to become a higher-up staff member on the faithfulmc network. I truthfully see a big potential in the faithfulmc network already but I think we can go much higher and greater than we already are.Why I like to be staff is because you feel a sense of joy after you help someone enjoy themselves on this game by just doing a simple act of kindness. I have always enjoyed staffing, meeting new people and making new friends and this server will be able to allow me to use my staffing abilities to my full extent.? Why should we accept you as staff?I think you should accept my application over other applicants because I am very dedicated to the network and I am willing to work ten times harder then I did last time to better the network and its community.I think a month ago when I was staff on the faithfulmc network I wasn’t quite ready but now I really think I am fit for this position as a helper on the faithful network. Some key attributes I have that make me more fit for this position on the staff team is maturity, professionalism, and respect.When helping someone in a support waiting room on Teamspeak I am always using these three key attributes even when chilling with a player.If you don’t have any of these attributes then you aren’t fit enough to be a staff member on any network for that matter.If you show respect to players they will respect you back.The thing that is appealing on faithfulmc is how much they care about their players and that’s the kind of server I would love to be a part of.The staff team always listens to the players and that’s why faithfulmc is such a great server to be apart of.Additional Information? MaturityMaturity is one of the biggest attributes you have to have when staffing.If someone came into Teamspeak screaming at me I would stay cool calm and collected and I would try to sort the situation out in a mature matter. I have a joke here and there but when staffing I would never joke around because I take staffing seriously which makes me even more fit for this position on the faithfulmc staff team.? Assisting PlayersIf I were to assist a player either in-game or in Teamspeak, I would do it as efficiently as I can so that way I can get it out of the way and finish the next staff. I am a very hard working staff member and I have shown that on my previous servers I was staff on (Including faithfulmc).? RespectRespect I think is another big thing besides maturity. If I were to move someone from a support waiting room I would show respect to that player even if they are yelling at me or being toxic.A simple quote I go by is “do unto others as they would do onto you”.Basically meaning treat others the way you like to be treated.If you treat a person with respect they will also treat you back with respect. That’s one of the things you have to have when being a professional staff member. If someone did come into Teamspeak yelling at me I would stay cool calm and collected and I would try to sort the situation out in a mature matter, even if they are treating me with no respect I would set a good example to the other players.? CommunicationAnother thing is when staffing you have to have good communication.If someone were trying to contact me while I was offline I have telegram on my phone so I will be contactable 24/7.On sinister the one thing they were bad at was communication and that resulted in them shutting down.I will always be contactable which makes me more fit for this position on the faithfulmc staff team.? ScreenSharingWhen staffing you must know how to screen share.I am very confident with my screen sharing abilities as I was screen share verified on faithful before I resigned. I know how to find various amounts of ghost clients.When screen sharing I like to challenge myself to become better at screen sharing every time to learn something new every day.I like to research new strings for new clients, new screen share methods/tools to have more understanding and more experience so I feel 100% confident in my screen sharing abilities.?????????????????????NoteIf my application does get pending it would be greatly appreciated if you could message me on telegram to negotiate a suitable time for both of us.Thank youRegards -Wimpay?


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