I to punch it so bad. I’m surprised

I heard the mechanical sounds of beeping throughout the room. I opened my eyes to be blinded by the warm, golden light of the sun. The beeping was turning into a serious annoyance, and I wanted to punch it so bad. I’m surprised it took me so long to realize I had an oxygen mask on. Yum, delicious air. I’m so happy it keeps me alive. …That was sarcasm, idiot. My eyes skimmed the room. It was bright, and happy, but sInIsTeR. The simple room only had one window, which was covered on opened blinds. The walls were just plain white, just like the tiled floor. My bed was a generic hospital bed. There wasn’t anything special about it, although it had a bRaIn sCaNnEr attached to it. There was a small desk next to my bed, filled with cards and flowers. The only letter that caught my eye, was Braxton’s. But he was dead right? I saw it! He died right in front of me! W-Was it seriously not real? I looked out through the glass, right next to the door. Ya know, like that glass next to the door in classrooms. I saw Braxton. Sitting at the table right outside my door. I wanted to greet him, but I had to read his letter first.”Hey Shelle… So umm… are you ok? You were brought to the hospital because you had a meltdown in your house. I came over to see if you were ok, because I heard screaming. I managed to get away from my mom before we left for the store. She was acting… Strange. Like she didn’t want me to go in there. I found you on the floor screaming and writhing with your liquid medicine on the floor. You were passed out, as far as I could tell. You were talking about me… And how I was dying? Maybe you could explain better as to what happened.Get better soon!-Your friend, Braxton ?”My heart skipped a beat. He put a heart! Awww! Oh wait, we’re just friends, I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it…I tried to call out to Braxton, from inside the room. But I couldn’t make a single noise besides gasping. My throat hurt really bad. I picked up a handheld mirror, to observe my neck. It was covered in scratch marks, probably because I thought I was choking, and I was trying to open up my throat.So, instead of trying to speak, I just tossed an empty plastic cup at the glass. He obviously heard it, and was looking around. I waved at him, trying to get his attention, but I failed. I had to look for something else to throw.I saw one of those TV remotes. The special ones, with… A nurse button! I hit the button, and seconds later a nurse came flying through the door.”Hi Shelle! I’m actually your nurse, so yeah! Do you need anything?” I looked at the familiar face. It was Nasu. I’m surprised she got a job here too.”Yes please. Can I have some strawberry juice, and could you ask Braxton to come in? I threw a cup at the window to get his attention,” I laughed lightly.”Alrighty! I’ll be right back~!” She skipped out of the room. She reminds me of someone I know… But I just can’t put my finger on it…Nasu poked Braxton’s cheek, and surprised him. He’s too cute for his own good. He looked through the glass, and his face lit up. He bolted for my door, and pushed it open with such a force, someone could hear a BANG! From all the way down the hallway.”Shelle! Y-You’re ok!” Braxton hugged me as tight as he could without hurting me.I gasped. I couldn’t speak. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from off the table.”Of course I’m ok. My throat hurts like hell, so I can’t speak,” I wrote.”Profanity!” Braxton pretended to faint and laughed. I put my finger over my lips to say “Oh hush~,””So, how are you feeling?” Braxton asked. Nasu came in with my juice and set it on the table.”Oh, I’m fine, thanks,” I replied.”Excuse me, but I must allow you to speak Shelle,” Nasu swiftly karate chopped my neck. And boy did it HURT.It felt like somebody stabbed my neck! The pain was excruciating, and it felt like my throat was going to explode. Nasu had a bucket at the ready, and I pUkEd some sort of metal device into it. “N-Nasu! What the heck! That hurt!” I cried in agony.”I’m sorry darling, but that’s how you get that device out. You see the device latches onto your throat and prevents the person from talking, so no harm to the throat is done. It’s only a prototype though. I’m glad it worked,” Nasu started to massage my neck, and blushed greatly.”O-Oh ok,” A blush slowly crept onto my face. I turned to Braxton.”Braxton? What day is it?” I asked.”Friday. Why?””You missed school for me?!””No. But that’s not the point. You’ve been out since Monday. So about five days,”I sighed in relief, “Good, at least you were able to stay occupied. Well, can I go home now? Braxton can take me,””Sure. But remember, stay safe!” Nasu kissed my cheek and helped me out of bed. She set me in a wheelchair.Braxton took hold of the wheelchair and pushed me all the way down to the elevator.”So, what actually happened?” Braxton questioned as he pushed the button to go down to the parking area.”I went in the house when my mom was cooking, just like any normal day. Then I felt suffocated, and I was grabbing at my throat. That’s how I got these scratches,” I pointed to the nail marks all over my neck, and Braxton nodded, “I went to the bathroom to get my liquid, and I shot it into my arm. I then saw a man who went by the name Mr. Fern. You came in, a-and got sliced to pieces trying to save me…” I was almost in tears at this point.Braxton hugged me from behind the wheelchair, “At least you’re safe,” He kissed the top of my head. I smiled. The door opened to the parking area, and I saw my mom’s car running.”C’mon hun! I gotcha some ice cream!” My mother called from inside her car. Braxton pushed my wheelchair with great speed.”Ice cream!” He looked so innocent and happy when he was around ice cream.Braxton opened the back seat car door, and threw me inside. He threw the wheelchair inside as well.———-We pulled up into the gravel driveway. The crunching sound of gravel is just so satisfying. Anyone else agree? No? Ok.I hopped out of the car. I don’t need a wheelchair, and I don’t care if anyone says otherwise. I scooped my last spoonful of ice cream into my mouth. I love chocolate fudge ice cream!Of course Braxton is bland so he just got vanilla.”So, Shelle, what were you going to ask me on Monday? Before my mom interrupted?” Braxton said inquisitively.”W-Well, I, u-uuuhhhh…” I couldn’t confess. Not now…”C’mon tell me,” He stood in front of me like a road block. His orange-blonde hair swayed with the gentle spring breeze, and his green eyes were shining with defiance. Gosh darnit I’ll have to tell him.Instead of saying in verbally, I just made a heart symbol and winked. He obviously didn’t get it, because he tilted his head in question.”You’ll never find out~,” I said teasingly.Braxton pouted, “I’ll get it out of you, one way or another,” Braxton said as he crossed his arms. I laughed lightly and headed inside.Today was a good day, I told myself. Nothing bad happened. No spirits. No blood. No nothing.”Just wait my dear Shelle. There will be horrors of which your mind will never comprehend. You are my Master’s subject. I will make sure you are returned to him!”System Downloading SUBJECT #0 File…Please Wait…COMPLETE


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