I – Valuation and Modeling department from

I am pleased to write this recommendation
letter for Tan Yen Sing, who was an intern in the Financial Advisory –
Valuation and Modeling department from 20 November 2017 to 12 January 2018. Her
main responsibility was to provide support to our valuation activities.

Yen Sing was responsible to conduct
research, using main research tools, such as Thomson Research, BMI Research,
and Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), to study analyst reports on companies and
industries for various projects. Apart from these duties, Yen Sing was entrusted
with more challenging tasks, including writing project reports and conducting
screening of appropriate comparable companies using financial resources
including Bloomberg and sourcing relevant financial market data to calculate
the WACC used in the DCF valuation.

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In regard to her major
responsibilities, I applaud Yen Sing her capability to do research on projects
and produce a proficient list of extracted information from financial
statements and stock exchange website, namely Bursa Malaysia. She had demonstrated
knowledge and understanding about valuation process, shown through her research
findings and reports written. Furthermore, she had gone through Financial Modeling
Training and had achieved satisfactory performance during the internship.

As Yen Sing’s counsellor at
Deloitte during her internship, her great interpersonal and communication
skills have impressed me. Her utmost sincerity and sociability allows her to
connect well with others in short period, in spite of age group.

Ultimately, I appraise her for
her devoted work attitude and her adaptability to the working environment. Yen
Sing proved to me that she has prepared for the workplace despite just completing
her first internship. Provided more chances to grow, Yen Sing will not
disappoint you with the ability to work under pressure and an eagerness for her
continuous improvement. I believe the skill sets that Yen Sing possesses will
be an asset to any organisation as being able to communicate with stakeholders
is of paramount importance in the business industry.

Please feel free to contact me if
you need any further information.


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