I jumping ¨ The website says most Thoroughbreds

 I know that thoroughbreds are better.Thoroughbreds are more intelligent than arabians.Thoroughbreds can do way more than Arabians.Thoroughbreds are a lot more safe than Arabians.Thoroughbreds are good at Horse jumping ¨ The website says most Thoroughbreds are used for jumping but they are not just used for winning¨.This is why they are good for horse jumping.This website says that “some people just use Thoroughbreds for winning but most people use them for riding them for just fun”. easy to ride and jump on these animals.They are smart when they jump and they know when to jump a jump.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          They will be good for beginners. Thoroughbreds are good at Horse racing Originally Thoroughbreds were created to work and pull like hay wood and other materials.But when someone was horse ran away they are like that horse is really fast so they.So they got other Thoroughbreds and see how fast they are they are like we should us these horses for horse race so they said yes let’s do it.   They are original and very smart.Thoroughbreds are known for how.Strong they are and how fast they are and this shows how famous these horses are.easy to ride in horse races. These horses are very famous for what they do if you do not know what they are famous then I will tell you why. They are famous for how fast they are and how strong they are.Thoroughbreds are good at Horse therapy Thoroughbreds are very calm horse and would not try you hurt you.They are very calm and easy to work with.Most of the thoroughbreds are not harmful and but some can be but some are therapy.Most horses are not very calm but thoroughbreds are they calmest.Thoroughbreds are too fast for beginners and are not used for little kids.  Arabs are not very nice to beginners and are not very calm and sometimes mean. Thoroughbreds are not nice and are mean to other people and are to fast.Arabs are not good horses and are not good at all.Thoroughbreds are better. They are more intelligent than Arabians They can do more then arabians. That when you get a horse you should get a Thoroughbred.


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