I Of course, to be punctual requires

I have many
uncles, but one stands out above all: my mum’s eldest brother, Uncle T. He is
more than an uncle, he is a father. As children, my elder siblings and I always
yearned for opportunities to pay him a visit and spend time with him. There was
never a dull moment with him as every moment spent with Uncle T was filled with
laughter and nuggets of wisdom. He had a way of using humorous examples to
teach critical life lessons. Just by observing his life and conduct, I have
learned the importance of punctuality, discipline, and diligence. 

During the times
my siblings and I lived with Uncle T, I learned to be punctual because any assignment
that was delegated to me by my uncle was to be executed within a specified time-frame.
I remember, quite vividly, that Uncle T was habitually awake by 5am on Sunday
mornings, to arrive at church by 7am. He was never late for any occasion! He
had developed certain fine habits that never changed. For example, Uncle T would
always wake up much earlier than usual to wash his car, as well as iron and
straighten his clothes before he headed out. Sometimes, when necessary he would
rather not eat than to be late for an appointment. Uncle T remains punctual,
and very reliable.

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Uncle T is very
disciplined. Of course, to be punctual requires a great deal of discipline. He
could stay awake all night reading or writing and still go to work in the
morning, without drinking coffee. To Uncle T, what he needs to do must be done
regardless of how he feels. So many times, he would carry out his
responsibilities despite feeling exhausted and tired. I once watched him stay
up all night, editing a book. Consequently, I picked up the spirit of
discipline from him. I can stay up all night with ease studying and reading!
One time, I stayed up all night for a mathematics exam in which I set the

Diligence, as my
uncle would say, is the artist who paints each strand of hair on a portrait. I
have come to appreciate the importance of diligence in the pursuit of any given
assignment. To be diligent I have learned to keep my eyes on the prize. The
greatest men of old endured great pain to become men of repute. Thomas Edison
conducted, tirelessly, 1000 experiments before finally inventing the light
bulb. Benjamin Franklin blessed humanity in great ways. Uncle T might not be an
inventor of gadgets, but he is another example of a diligent man. He loves to
do a thorough job on every given assignment. I have also learned to be diligent
in my academics and in other facets of my life. I always strive for the grade
A, no matter what it may cost. It’s an A or nothing, and I know it would surely
pay off in the long run!

I have learned a
great deal of wisdom by observing my uncle’s lifestyle. Of course, there were
times I was scolded by my uncle for a misdemeanor, but I didn’t take it to
heart. I gladly received the correction, changed my conduct and moved on. Do I
imply that my uncle is perfect? Absolutely not! However, his character is much
better than most people I have met, and I have learned more from him than even
from my own biological parents. Without any reserve, I am very glad that I have
an uncle like Uncle T. I cherish his advice a lot, and I hold him in high
esteem. He is one of a kind.  


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