I. released by the U.S Bureau of Labor


inequality or in other words, gender discrimination refers to unfair rights
between male and female based on different gender roles which leads to unequal
treatment in the life. And at the same time, the position of men and women were
generally set. The growth of this situation has been obviously seen. According to the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in 2001, 31% of men or women will have to
change careers because of gender equality in all the trades. Thus, this paper will discuss the definition, reasons why this problem is
more serious, how to affect to society in the world and the solutions to
improve this trend in the workplace.

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Discussion of findings

Definition, facts and figures

According to Oxford Dictionary, “Gender discrimination in workplace is a
situation in which someone is treated less well because of their sex usually
when a woman is not behaved as well as a man”, that leads to define the roles
he/she should play in the salary of male and female as well distribute sex in
the career. The figures show that the women earn less money than men. Namely,
according to statistics released by the U.S Bureau of Labor figures, the median
weekly earnings of male and female were $824 and $669 respectively, alternation
of around 20%. Similarly, in the U.K, 43% of large firms have no women on their
board and only 34.7% of smaller firms have female directors in 2015.


chauvinism is still prevalent in society. Patriarchal behavior is also the
dominant role in family relations, especially in the countryside. Generally,
most of women play a secondary role in comparison with men in the family life.
Therefore, the designers born male descendants, which is also a common
phenomenon existing in Vietnam as well in other Asian countries. People often
concept that only son could shoulder the burdens of family or in other word,
male is always breadwinner. And many parents still have an old-fashioned notion
that when they born and raised one daughter, they fell that after getting married,
she just will take care of her husband and his family instead of her parents
when they are gradually older. That only son can handle. Despite development of
country, in some rural areas, women still have lower education levels than men
because they also think that to maintain family happiness, women should have
lower academic than their husbands.

men have better health than women. Moreover, males always face a number of
sensitive issues that men will never go through are experiencing reproductive
period, menstrual period, especially the stage of menopause because when women
coming to this stage will start getting some common diseases such as the
sick, the diseases of the cervix, … Therefore, it is a part of the reason why
the women retire earlier than men. Furthermore, women have to be on leave
to give birth in the future, that will interrupt their careers. During that
period, they cannot catch up with rate of progress in the company and the
managers have to strengthen human resources to exchange their positions, so the
recruiters will limit to employ women labors. It is also reason why they have
lost some experiences to get a horizontal or higher income levels than men.

the image of women in everyone’s eyes is frail, powder puff and will only do
the light work as housewives at home and the great responsibilities which the
husband decided. This still exists in some families today.


also suffer many disadvantages in education, advancing the level of
professional skills in terms of increasing social competition. Although,
there are a great number of women labor force, the rate through training is
still low, which responds the requirements of promoting industrialization,
modernization and integration. Moreover, women are paid lower wages than
men, usually only 75% in comparison with men. Male often choose the calculated
fields such as engineer while women often choose these disciplines such as
sociology, psychology and nurse. Therefore, men earn more money from the
business or engineering work and women generally have lower income in the
departments they have learned. Although both men and women have the same
number of years in education, they have these different options, which bring
them to the areas with different income levels.
            Specially, statistics
shows the number of women workers having qualifications only accounts for
11.1%, the proportion of female workers which have not already been through
vocational training is higher (70.9% against 59.9% of male workers), especially
the rural female labor, middle-aged women, minorities; the proportion of
female workers doing simple jobs makes up 42.9% (compared with 36.2% of the
male workers). In addition, women rarely promote or create opportunities to
enhance professional capacities, especially the women working in the public
sector. The number of women promoted to the higher position is just by
half compared to the number of men. The number of women being sent to
train or attend professional conferences usually just under three quarters of
these men.

study published by the National Institutes of Health showed the victims of
gender discrimination has reduced the level of job satisfaction. Inequality can
harm for mental health. This also leads to increased anxiety and
depression rates. And virtually, it occurs in women. They will feel
depressed and do not want to go to work because the morale, energy and focus of
that people and of the whole group will influence because of the presence of
gender discrimination. Besides, sex harassment can occur in the
workplace. It can increase the level of stress and can lead to higher
physical sickness rate. Similarly, once the health is affected, it will
bring about a number of harmful effects. Namely, delay and absence rate will be
higher because they feel pressured and tired when they always go to work in a
stuffy and negative environment. At the same time, it also makes their
productivities decline dramatically. Furthermore, these diseases are
reasons why health care requirements tend to increase and can lead to higher
insurance costs for workers, which could make people’s income diminish
considerably as well as affecting the development of society.


Male and female workers
must be treated equally in workplace. Employees are entitled to work
and have freedom to choose the desired jobs. They can also
freely select the training that they want to
participate and have the right to improve their professional
skills. Prohibiting behaviours of discrimination on the basis of gender,
ethnicity, skin color, social
background, marital status, creed, religion, HIV, disability or participation
in union activities at workplace. Labor laws
prohibit discriminatory behaviours based on gender or marital
status. Employers must obey and realize the principle of
equality men and women in recruitment, job assignment, working time, rest time,
wage increase, wages. 

Besides, the violation of law on
gender equality in the field of labor includes the application of different levels (standards) in recruiting male
and female workers for the same work; rejecting or restricting
employers, workers get the sack because of gender or pregnancy, childbirth and
raising children, discrimination in the labor delivery men and women leading to
inequality in income or apply different wage levels for workers equivalent
qualifications and capacity for gender reasons; and refused to perform
specific rights for women workers are stipulated in the labor law; inequality
in the labor delivery between men and women leads to
difference in income or apply different wage levels for workers who have equivalent
qualifications and capacity for gender reasons; and refused to perform
specific rights for women workers are stipulated in the labor
law. discrimination in the labor delivery men and women leading to
inequality in income or apply different wage levels for workers equivalent
qualifications and capacity for gender reasons; and refusing to perform
specific rights for women workers stipulated in the labor law.

companies divide the work according to ability rather than gender. It
means that in spite of women, they also have the capacity to control the
construction works or a large scale programs by their talents and
leaderships. Besides, recruiting
and training employees often select males because they are more nimble and more
assertive but females are more thoughtful and more careful. Since then, the
organizations and firms should depend on the natures of work and the characters
of people to find professional staffs for them.

creating the conditions for women to invest in manufacturing, business, income,
improvement in family in order to less depend on her husband. The
government should fix basically unequal status in some areas such as: right of
land use, housing ownership, social welfare, insurance regime. Moreover,
women need to be reduce the burden of the family, so the husband should be
responsible for participating in housework with his wife. The shares and
sympathies of the husband have made many women achieve success in their career.



gender discrimination in workplace is one of the hottest topical questions at
present. Women are a major part of the human resource of an economy and a
company and thus their empowerment and development is essential for the
development of a nation. However, they still are faced with unwanted
discrimination everyday of their lives, due to their gender, which they have no
control over. Although there have been many improvements for female in the
workplace but there are still many inequalities for woman when compared with
men. Therefore, the government should bring out more methods to secure a fair
and equal role in the workplace because this can make improve productivity and
professional skills of women, which will help the country have an abundant
labor resource to serve the economic development.