I family, my teachers have been the most

I want to
obtain a college education, so I can help children in the future. After I
graduate, I hope to become a high school math or science teacher. My motive to
pursue this career is because of the teachers I have and the impact they have had
on my life. Besides my family, my teachers have been the most supportive of me
in times of trouble. This spring, my father was involved in a tragic
horse-related accident where he received a traumatic brain injury. My mother stayed
with him in the hospital throughout his whole rehabilitation in Colorado.
During this time, I was dealing with the fear of not knowing whether my dad would
ever be the same again. I live in a small town, so the word of my father’s
injury spread very quickly. When I went back to school the morning after his emergency
surgery, everyone was aware of what had happened. My teachers knew how hard
this was for me, so they offered me as much support as they could both in the
classroom and out. One of my teachers even started a fundraiser for my family
by selling bracelets. The encouragement I received from all my teachers at this
time was crucial to helping me cope and I will never forget all that they did
for me and my family. After the accident, I realized I had taken past support of
my teachers for granted. I now appreciate all that teachers do for me. They
spend much of their free time not only preparing to help us learn and be ready
to succeed in our future, but also finding ways to help make each of their
student’s lives a bit easier. Because of all that teachers have done for me, I
want to be able to give back. My plan is to get my Bachelors in Math or Science
and eventually become a teacher at a local high school someday. This way I can
give my support, encouragement, and dedication to my own future students and be
there for them when they most need it.  

With a
degree from Black Hills State University, I hope to make a difference in the lives
of children. I plan on becoming a high school math or science teacher upon
graduating college. With this career, I will be able to share my love of continuous
learning to the future generations. I believe that teachers hold an enormous
responsibility in helping the children that they teach. They serve as mentors,
offer a source of support, give them a head start in their future career, and
encourage them to learn life lessons. Most schools in the United States require
180 days of school, which means there is 180 days per year that students spend
with their teachers. This demonstrates the vital role teachers play in the
development of the children they teach; both their mental and physical growth. For
many children, the main role models they admire are usually their parents or
teachers. There are many children that suffer from problematic lives at home. If
their parents are a corrupt influence in their life, they will most likely rely
on their teachers to show them what is right or wrong. Along with being a
positive influence, good teachers also offer support for their students. One
study expresses that when teachers offer support for their students and prove
that they care about them as human beings, their students are twice as likely
to be engaged and interested in learning. This support is very significant to
students regarding their will to learn and improve themselves as overall
students. The support that teachers offer students ensures more than just
encourage them to learn; it also gives them a jump-start to prepare themselves
for their future career. When students are more willing to learn, they are
usually more likely to focus on their future and what they want to pursue as a
career. Finally, teachers also inspire students to learn life lessons in
school. Through projects and assignments, students learn responsibility,
creativity, perseverance, individuality, and organization skills. These are all
important aids that are of vital use in the future of these students’ lives.
Good teachers offer their students so much more than textbooks and homework;
they help children grow and succeed both emotionally and physically. Because of
the teachers that have done all this for me, I hope I can pay it forward and
play that role for each of my future students.

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