I a chance to gain a higher education

I firmly believe that students should not pay for universities or at least majority of it. Even though there is some truth to this argument such as fees help students value education forcing students to take it seriously not costing taxpayers to pay more for free education to those who don’t. If given the choice to the students to not pay for their fees they would have the thoughts of “Would it be a waste of time?” and not “Would it be a waste of money?”. They would be more concerned if it would help them progress in life than if they are financially stable to continue it. Even the fact that tuition fees are difficult to pay back as “most graduates will still be paying off student loans into their 50s, and three-quarters will never clear the debt”1.Education is a basic human right and people should have a chance to gain a higher education to benefit the economy. As most professions now require a degree it has now become a necessity to the world. It may not be beneficial to completely abolish university fees but definitely make those degrees that are lacking in interest but are extremely beneficial to the economy to be cheaper for students. Keeping courses that are paid handsomely in the future or that are unneeded for the economy the same. For example, if the economy needed more technology innovators the government would decrease or even pay some fee to help promote more students in this section; computer science, computer engineering etc. while medical courses have a large pool of applicants in this area so it doesn’t need the incentive for students get into these courses. There is a high reward to those who continue this course which is high income. Giving an incentive to students to join certain courses will widely benefit society in the future. Shown by the graph currently with the given situation (A) where students pay the fee for their wanted course. Whether it’s because it’s a course they’re interested in, know its an investment to gain a large income in the future or even not choose to go to University due to the fees. This is the free market allocation where the consumers choose their own future even though there is a vast majority in that section. While if the government intervenes and manipulates the allocation of students it will shift to the socially efficient allocation (B) as there will be a field widely unappreciated which is beneficial to the economy.


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