“I Desperate at this point, I began to

“I never though this little $3 knife would actually come in handy!” Brittany told us in her in interview.Brittany Venheim, a local graphics designers was leaving her work building after some late night overtime when her predator struck out of the darkness. “I just finished locking up the front doors and was ready to head after a long day of work. You see, money was getting tight and my husband and i decided to try make some extra cash give us a little wiggle room.””It was just after 2:00 A.M. and everyone had long gone home by this time. I figured i’d stay a few hours more to get some extra assignments in. After i left the building, my car was the only one in the parking lot. it was parked quite a stretch from the front doors since my shift is later in the evening and everyone else that works here has already settled in by that time.” After a long walk along the dark pavement of the lot, sleepy Brittany was ready to head home. But after this encounter, she’ll be wide awake.”He just came out of no where!” She exclaimed.”I just heard a deep voice that sounded as loud as a football stadium.””He yelled at me; Turn around empty your purse! I turned around and saw a masculine figure in a ski mask, dark hoodie, what i think could’ve been blue jeans, and some boots.”It wasn’t just the clothing brittany remembers…”He a gun and it was pointing right at me!” Brittany remarked”He said it again in a booming voice, empty your purse! Reluctantly, I did but I didn’t have much but some lipstick, my business phone, some tissues, and a half eaten snickers bar and I think he noticed.”With all the contents of her pursed empty on the ground, her mugger quickly snatched up the phone and demanded that she give him her wallet.”I didn’t want to give him my wallet. It would mean he’ll have my ID and credit cards and old photos of my kids back in elementary! It was the only time in my life I felt the need to fight back. I screamed at him, NO! and then he pushed me against the car and tried to take it out of my hands. After what felt like ages trying to fight him off he turned me around and pulled down my pants and I heard him say; Then I’ll take something else then! Desperate at this point, I began to scream and cry at the same time, yelling for him to let me go. I turned around both hand on my wallet. As his body pushed up against mine, I felt one his hands leave to start unbuckling his belt. I knew that this was the biggest window I was gonna get to act fast. I tried to think of ways to hurt him and that’s when I remembered a knife I had gotten for free on the internet a few months back. At the time I thought of it more as a tool than a defense weapon. As I pulled the knife out, I dropped the wallet, all I cared about at this point was fighting back. I stabbed his one arm restraining me and heard him scream in agony. He let go and I quickly turned around stabbed him again in his shoulder and one more time in his chest. For a few seconds I wanted to kill this man and I think he realized what was happening. He fell down holding onto the hole I left in his chest then got back up and made a run for it. I was in shock after what happened, and felt the adrenaline rushing through me. I honestly didn’t know what to do at this point I quickly gathered my things and jumped in the car. I was so shakin’ up i just sat there in the car wondering what do I do next. Then I realized I had picked up my phone with the rest of my stuff. He must have dropped when he ran away. I called 911 and informed them of what had happened.”To this day, Brittany doesn’t know where or who the man was that attacked her. She also thinks that the gun the man had was fake and with reason too. However, all all things to be certain of, its that she remains thankful of the wallet knife that saved her life.”If I didn’t have the free knife when I did, I don’t know what I would’ve done.” Brittany says”I’ve used it before to cut bits of cloths and loose strings and wires but that was the first time in my life that I had used to it defend myself.”Brittany was so thankful of the knife that had saved her life that she went forward and got one for her husband, her friends, and family.”I can never be thankful enough for what it did for me.” She saysWe asked Brittany if she could share the source of her inanimate protector and she gave us a link so a survivalists website. She says, “They have all kinds of things on there like High powered flashlights, Survival books, low energy fire starters, etc.”Inspired by Brittany’s story, we went ahead to get one these knives. The best part about it is how its was completely free aside from the very small shipping fee. We can firmly understand why she feels so strongly for the need to have one now. For a free knife this thing is so razor sharp and small that anyone would glad to have this on hand.


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