I country, especially because of the fast






I learned how bad for you fast food
actually is, especially McDonald’s. I also learned all of the health
concerns that eating fast food can result in.
I learned that fast food companies
are good at hiding the truth about nutrient facts and use
advertisement/bribes to lure people, especially kids in.
I learned that obesity is surpassing
smoking as the number cause of death in America.

Three main points of what I learned from Super Size

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Fast food is very unhealthy. There is
a high risk of health problems, obesity, and an unhealthy lifestyle when
regularly eating fast food. Obesity is a huge problem in our country,
especially because of the fast food industry.
Most of the time costumers are not
given access to the nutrition fact sheets. One out of four McDonald’s did
not have any nutrition information, but when they do, it’s hidden. People
don’t understand what they’re eating.
Fast food lures people in. Fast food
companies spend millions of dollars on advertisement. Compared to the
fruit industry, fast food has 100xs more money in advertisement.
The industries do not care about the
costumers when giving them this healthy food. They just take the cheap,
easy way to make money. They try and cover it all up and fight the law

Four main points of Super Size Me:



This information about the food from fast food places,
or the cheap junk food that is so easily assessible, relates to the information
about molecules and nutrients that we discussed in class. Since food are the
building blocks and energy our cells need to facilitate, we must get a healthy
balance of nutrients and organic molecules (carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids),
for cellular structure function. Obviously, Morgan and ¼ of our country are not
getting this balance. The food that we eat literally makes up who we are.
Overall, this film and the content discussed in class makes me want to change
my diet and lifestyle, as a whole. I don’t want to eat fast food anymore and I
want to educate others of the health risks that fast food brings on.

was not surprised about the law information that was provided in the video.
Fast food is obviously a huge factor in obesity rates. Throughout the entire
film, they warn you how bad this food is for your health and life decisions. There
is always constant access to cheap, fat related food and machines are taking
over walking. People have become so lazy when it comes to the toxic environment
for food and physical activity. The industry admits that they are part of the
problem, but still lure people, especially kids in to eat their food. They
spend millions of dollars on advertisements and lure kids by their playground,
happy meals and toys, and even the clown, Ronald McDonald. Statistics also
proved that this fast food is addicting and starts at a young age.   Schools
are serving unhealthy food to their students, but still hope that not requiring
restrictions will help kids make responsible choices, but this is contradicting
when they are no healthy choices to choose from. Most food is not actually
homemade and cooked, more than 75% of the meals are processed, packaged, and
distributed to them for them to warm up and serve. They’re not even serving
anything fresh. The processing of the food is unhealthy, for example, chicken
nuggets are made with various preserves and a lot of food are not originated
from the original source.

Supersize me really opens my eyes to the negative
effects of fast food on your health. I found this informative and interesting
because it speaks volumes to the cause of the obesity epidemic. I also thought
the process of the one month diet of McDonald’s was disgusting, but it was
needed in order to prove to lawyers and company headquarters that fast food is
a major component of unhealthy lifestyle. Morgan’s experiment was eye-opening
because it clearly shows the effect eating McDonald’s three meals a day, for
thirty days on his physical, mental, and overall health. Morgan was very
healthy before he started the 30 day diet and was above average on all tests including
health and fitness related. Throughout the process he had a series of tests and
evaluations in order to track the changes in his health. The only exceptions
are that he must only eat McDonalds three times a day, add supersize if
offered, try everything on the menu at least once, and not exercise. In just
nine days he is eating over 200% of what his needs are. The facts are clear,
though, after 30 days, he gained 24.5 pounds, a fat liver because of enzymes,
and a cholesterol of 230 (went up 65%) and he doubled his risk of heart disease
and heart failure, felt depressed and tired. He became so immune to this
unhealthy diet that he would crave it all day and get headaches when he didn’t
have it. How can the company deny these results?