I comprehensible insight into Pharmacology. Pursuing a

I always experience a sense of excitement while doing research and I want to be an expert in the field of Pharmacology. My undergraduate degree provides me a generalized knowledge of the wide array of pharmaceutical disciplines and their significance. Whereas my a graduate degree will give an opportunity to study a particular subject in great profundity and gain a comprehensible insight into Pharmacology. Pursuing a Ph.D. degree will be not only my way to learn high-end research skills regarding quantitative Pharmacology, In vivo Pharmacology, Pharmacology of key body systems and Disease Modeling but also lead me to my profession. And that’s how I believe graduate study differs from undergraduate study extensively.Studying Pharmacology is important for me since I want to involve in researchers that lead to drug discovery and development. Pharmacology is crucial for drug discovery and the new treatment for drugs that still lack effective treatments. Ph.D. in Pharmacology is the perfect way to integrate Science and Medicine and apply that knowledge to solve real-world problems. Pharmacology is an exciting and innovating subject that will get me a firm grounding in Physiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Pathophysiology. It will give me depth understanding of how drugs exploit different biological mechanisms by targeting receptor. The human genome and its ramifications are providing much new information about disease mechanisms and possibly new therapeutic approaches, providing the basis for new drug discovery projects and I would like to contribute to such projects. Besides, studying pharmacology opens many doors offering future career pathway in academia, the pharmaceutical and biosciences industries, government agencies and clinical research and practice. I want to improve the lives of millions of people across the world by being a contribution to drug discovery and development. Adding to this, in my country, academic and governmental institutions largely neglect the significance of research on drug design and disease-specific studies due to various reasons. After completing my Ph.D. degree, I will step forward and create a research team where the students and the trainee will work together and aid in improved healthcare of my country. But if I ever get chance in someplace else as well, I would willingly take the opportunity to make a difference in whichever way I can. But for that to happen, all I need to be a worthy academician thus needs to become an expert at the principles and theories of Pharmacology.