I grandmothers. However, when I turned eleven

I was born in Miami, Florida on June 8th, 1999. My birthday is the day after my grandmother’s birthday. My background is half Cuban and half Jewish. My father was born in Cuba. He moved to New Jersey when he was three years old. My father moved to Miami when he was about to start high school. My mother was born in New Jersey in a Jewish upbringing. She moved to Miami when she was about to start eighth grade. I have a sister and brother, which were born 2 years apart. I am older than my siblings. My sister is the middle child, while my brother is the youngest sibling. In the succeeding years, I will pursue my dream to become a game designer.

For eleven years, I had blue eyes, which came from my two grandmothers. However, when I turned eleven years old, my eye color changed to green. Prior to elementary school, I had my tonsils removed when I was five years old. Before I started elementary school, I used to be skinny. However, during elementary school, I gained a lot of weight until my ninth-grade year.   During my childhood, I was very picky about eating most varieties of food. I used to have poor handwriting skills, but now I have great writing skills. I attended a public school, Gloria Floyd Elementary, during preschool and kindergarten. I then transferred to a private school, Killian Oaks Academy from 1st grade to 12th grade. During elementary school, I was short and spoke softly. However, during middle school, I got taller and spoke clearly. During my summer breaks, I traveled to different states in the country, such as New York, Wyoming, Maine, California, North Carolina, Washington, Colorado, and Washington, D.C. It was during this time that I became interested in becoming a cartoonist.

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At Killian Oaks Academy, I was the principal and teacher of the day during my fourth-grade year. During middle school, I became interested in computer programming. I had braces from seventh to ninth grade. I got recognized as a star student of my school from seventh and twelfth grade. From seventh to twelfth grade, I won all positions of the Student Government Body. These positions were Treasurer, Secretary, Liaison, Vice President for 2 years, and President. During my high school years, I traveled to different countries, such as Bahamas, Italy, France, Turks and Caicos, Canada, and Spain. I got my driver’s license when I was seventeen years old. I applied for the American Dream Scholarship, but I couldn’t get it because I have Florida Prepaid. During my twelfth grade year, I went to prom with a beautiful girl. I represented the 2017 graduating class as the Valedictorian because of my GPA. I got my first and only straight A’s during my twelfth-grade year.

Now, as an adult, I can see that I have my father’s resemblance. The only resemblance that I have from my mother is her curly hair. I have been wearing my senior ring every day since my graduation. I have sideburns since the Summer 2017 semester. I am smart in mathematics, writing, and computer software. I usually wait to eat my food until everyone gets their food. I hate to eat chicken, asparagus, and nuts because of their tastes. However, I like to eat seafood, Italian food, Mexican food, and Colombian sancocho. My dislikes are motorcycles and smoking. I like video games, sports, movies, Disney, the Simpsons, and traveling. I also exercise at a gym for three days every week. I view myself as a responsible, independent, hard-working, smart, nice, patient, strong, determined, and funny perso


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