I perspective, all these valuable learning experiences

I am Trevor Lau, a 17-year-old boy, currently living in Switzerland on AFS intercultural exchange programme.  It is my pleasure and honour to express myself to the LPC UWC Selection Committee.
Looking back to my childhood, it was full of fun and silly matters with laughters.  Not until 2009, after becoming the first on academic performance in Primary 3, my life has changed dramatically.  With the growing attention from teachers, I was given a lot of opportunities to participate in competitions on different aspects and gifted programme in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Awarding championships on International drawing competitions, Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, academic and sports competitions along with the outstanding academic performance, I had been the monitor and school prefect in school and members of school choir, Chinese orchestra, and Boy Scout.  On the positive perspective, all these valuable learning experiences had enabled me to become more confident, diligent and determined on striving my very best to accomplish the goals and tasks.  However, on the negative side, I became arrogant and result-oriented with no mercy on losing. 

Fortunately, all these disgraceful personalities have come to a correction after losing the championship on TV cooking competition “Junior Chef” five years ago.  I was overwhelmed with my passion and the solid experience on cooking, I had great belief in winning the competition with no doubt.  Disappointedly, I was eventually ranked the third and the Most Popular Junior Chef, the astonishing failure has made me come to realise that I was not perfect at all, there were plenty of rooms for improvement and the lesson has taught me to be more humble and to have self- reflection at all time.

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Quitting from the orienteering development squad of Hong Kong Team was another major difficult situations to me in recent years.  Becoming a professional athlete in orienteering had been my dream since being selected in the development squad with a two years intensive training.  However, my inborn skinny body structure has limited my advancement on orienteering performance.  After a series of holistic discussions with coaches and my parents, they encouraged me to switch from a trained athlete to an amateur player, the transitional process was very smooth and successful.  Since then, I have devoted more time to participating in volunteer service.  I am very grateful that I have found another way of serving Hong Kong which I believe is even more meaningful and self-satisfied.

Pursuing my secondary school education in Queen’s College was totally a new world to me for a better exploration of myself and knowing the importance of learning from others.  I had been a very active student in terms of participating in school extra-curricular activities, community, and social service, joint school competitions and activities.  Having been the Discipline Prefect, Counselling Prefect, Career and Life Planning Prefect, Student Ambassador, Vice Chairman and Chairman of various functional teams, Community Youth Club and Orienteering Club.  My leadership skill grew strongly through working closely with my teammates and committee members.  I had learned to listen to others’ opinions and handled the work independently with an organised, diligent and responsible mind.

I am also a very cheerful and open-minded teenager.  I love seeking others’ advice and comments for a better understanding of myself.  I as well enjoy exchanging views with others to broaden my vision and knowledge of the world.  Although sometimes I may not agree with them but listening to others is a very educational process of learning to respect others’ differences.  It is especially true on my staying in Switzerland where consists of people with different nationalities, cultural, religious and language backgrounds, I learned to be even more independent and sophisticated on solving problems and respecting the uniqueness and differences of others.  Taking the initiative in making friends and engaging in daily family and school activities to strengthen my German have made my day busy yet interesting and fruitful with great enjoyment.

Participating in community and social service locally and internationally in the past three years has enabled me to become even more patient, positive and modest.  Social service is not simply giving out help to others but a learning to appreciate others’ persistence and struggling for a living with dignity.  I had been a voluntary teacher for elderly education for 3 years.  The opportunity to join the voluntary teaching tour to rural Mainland China and organise a stationaries donation campaign and fundraising activity “Myanmar helps Myanmar” in Yangon, Myanmar was a very meaningful and precious learning experience.

In the near future, I aim at studying in Law school or becoming a professional in health care industry.  I wish I could continue to tender my volunteer service with my expertise to the underprivileged and the minority of the society where equality and fairness do exist.


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