I pressing issue is disability. There is an


I think we all agree that technology has changed the world! But is this for better or worse, and just how long will it be until we can’t control it…

What is technology like now?

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In the last 30 years, technology has advanced rapidly. From the first computer; to that driverless car we just must have, we’ve got it all. To think that one hundred years ago, this existence wouldn’t have even been a possibility.

Now, technology is a big part of our lives, we use it for banking, shopping, communication and even to help us with our homework. Technology is everywhere. Even our houses. A family consisting of four, on average owns ‘7.4 devices’. Whether you like it or not, we can’t live without it. But is this a bad thing or a good thing?

Firstly, there are so many things that these inventions have allowed us to do, and they have solved so many issues, that humans just aren’t capable of. One pressing issue is disability. There is an immeasurable amount of people, globally, who miss out on normal everyday experiences due to a disability. Many have lost a limb, some their sight, and even with the aid of prosthetics, will never get the experience to drive. Thankfully technology has come up with a solution. The driverless car.

Many children are always in a rush to turn eighteen to earn their license and experience the thrill of driving, so naturally when you find out that you didn’t pass it’s always a disappointment… now just imagine, by the time I turn eighteen, there will be no need for a license! Driverless cars will be available, and all those tests will become a thing of the past. These computer-controlled vehicles will be able to drive themselves, and this really is in the near distance. Many states in America, such as California, Florida, and Nevada have already made driverless cars legal and India is very close to adding this law.

Self-driving cars would give paralytics the chance to experience a leisurely drive, without having to rely on someone else to drive them. It would benefit them, and give them a sense of independence. As well as this, these cars may deduct the number of car accidents, and illuminate the possibility of reckless driving.


Although this piece of technology would make life a whole lot easier, what we haven’t considered is how realistic this is, although scientists have designed this very carefully, there is always a risk of a malfunction. What if it causes death? The very security of self-driving cars would be a major obstacle, especially because the technology would be of very high interest to hackers, as pointed out by the Guardian. Technology could become dangerous… and take over “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”…quote by Steven Hawkins.


Artificial intelligence


As in many action movies, placed in the future, the human race will possibly be overthrown by robots. Lots of scientists around the world, at this very minute, are working to enhance AI- artificial intelligence technology to do thousands of varieties of tasks. However, what they do not comprehend, is that with every command that they program the smarter the tech get. All robots are already incredibly smart, and as we work on them further, they develop knowledge that many of us can not understand. It is only a matter of time until robots figure out how to repair themselves and or multiply, as humans have taught certain robots that their purpose is to fix and repair. This could cause many problems… such as robots becoming immortal.

Furthermore, a question that I often ask myself is what is the purpose of me, and other species if robots exist? As stated previously, these machines do a lot of jobs. They are taking over jobs that humans normally do. Lots of people are being left redundant due to robots taking over their daily jobs. This is a problem that we are all going to have to face in the future.


Robots can be considered biased or unfair due to its many different uses. As I am interested in law, I took an exciting curiosity in the robotic judge that could soon be making an appearance in our courts… but is this something to look forward to, or is it another thing we should be wary of?

Many people think this to be a blessing, but what is It really?

Part of being human means making mistakes, and during the design of this robot, the idea was to stop ‘mistakes’ from applying to law, and to create a system that consisted of fewer flaws and was more unprejudiced. The robotic judge applies yes and no answers to grasp whether a law is broken. During this process, no additional thought is applied, and no additional emotions are taken into consideration.

One rather large difference between the two judges is that humans regard emotions. Humans can make the necessary assessment of the context in which the crime happened, which may result in a different verdict. However, sometimes this verdict can be wrong, furthermore, with a robotic judge, all that is considered is if, or not, a law is broken. Here is a classic example; a man is speeding to rush an injured person to the hospital. In this scenario, a robotic judge would announce him guilty whereas very clearly, a human judge would pass him as not guilty. This proves that neither of the judges is perfect, but overall, backed up by many sources, many agree that this piece of artificial intelligence will not be making an appearance, at least not for a very long time.


Finally, all robotics are programmed by humans, this essentially means that they are just like there creators. This is because they are programmed by humans with the thoughts of humans. In an investigation by Laurie Penny, she said, “Robots are racist and sexist. Just like the people who created them.” Shown by this, robots are not only picking up data from there programming but have the capability to learn, and are gaining traits that aren’t right. People thought that “machines can only work from the information given to them” but what I’m wondering is can machines think?

This proves how fast technology Is advancing.


The future

Thousands of companies around the word have billionaire statuses… but has it ever occurred to you that some major companies own no assets. This is the future, where everything is online. Already, we rely on our phones so much to aid us, our calendars, communication, notes, reminders, pretty much our whole lives are on there. But what if more could?!

Currently a crypto currency called Bitcoins are being used. Is this pulls through, it could change the world.

Bit coins are the best known crypto/digital currency, created in 2009 its main goals were to cut out transactions by middle men like bankers and credit card companies, it was also meant to make purchasing easier and more transparent. Each bitcoin has a unique digital key, allowing users to remain anonymous and keeping there stash in digital wallets. A record of each bitcoin transaction is kept in a block chain that charts how the currency is beibng used. Since its creation its value has been volatile. Over the past year, bitcoin has soared 1500%  


Soon the whole world will be virtual just like uber who own no cars, facebook who post no content ext


After bit coins say about virtual reality

Technology round the world- current tech- how its helping

At this very moment bit coins are plummeting- and a sex offender has just got caught by the newest robot ‘sweetie’.


Is technology safe




But the question is, has technology gone too far. Personally I think it has.. (say why.. even kids think we’ve gone too far… quote Hana’s tv program “iPad and phones are not the meaning of life”  bbc3 children’s goggle box..and if 5 year olds are picking up on this, then we certainly should be) and the queen mentioned this in her last speech.

 although this is heavily focused on these examples it just goes to show how far technology has gone.







we are aware of, more might be available in the future… but what is our future






Thougths when writing this

Newspapers are often very biased – my point of view counts




note, I wouldn’t be writing this if I dint have a computer



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