Human the flight was overbooked and the passenger

Human resource management

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1.United Airlines forcibly
removes passenger from overbooked flight (Dated: April 10, 2017)


A man was forcibly removed from a United
Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville, Ky., on Sunday, after the flight
was overbooked and the passenger refused to adhere to the airline’s decision to
randomly remove four passengers.

The airline has confirmed that the incident
that occurred on Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday
evening was due to overbooking.

“After our team looked for volunteers,
one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was
asked to come to the gate,” spokesperson Charlie Hobart told CBC
News. “We apologize for the overbook situation.”

Bridges said the airline was forcing paying
customers to give up their seats so that they could be given to airline
employees flying standby who needed to work a flight in Louisville on

It shows the guards grabbing, then dragging the
passenger down the aisle. Screaming is heard and other passengers say “Oh
my god” and “Look at what you did to him.”


2. United Airlines asked
four passengers to give up their seat as the flight was overbooked, as a
compensation the airlines offered the passengers $400 US dollars, $800 voucher
and a hotel stay for those who volunteer their seat. Unfortunately, none of
them volunteered and the airline company decided to randomly pull out the names
of the passengers from their database. The situation got worse when a passenger
refused to leave the aircraft, he was dragged down the aisle and was attacked
by the security officers for not giving up his seat. The co-passengers in the
flight were amazed to see such kind of behaviour from the management.


3. Physically abusing the
customer who boarded the flight had a huge impact on the reputation of the
company and it affected the company’s growth tremendously. This incident indirectly
impacts the HR practice that lead the company to lose its reputation. HR team failed
in recruiting employees who does not violate the company’s terms and policies. HR
team failed to employe people who act according to the situation, instead of harassing
the passenger the company could have offered a ticket for the same day in any
other airlines.

Acting according to the
situation is the key factor for any organisation and people like this should be
recruited in order to sustain the reputation of the company. HR should appoint
the best fit for the position, if not the company will suffer reputational
damage and will lose their business.



4.1. Following the written policy:

HR plays a vital role in an
organisation, HR creates and designs the policy of the company in accordance to
what law offers in their jurisdiction. They should provide their employee with
full safety and harassment free workplace. Any misleading in the company
indirectly affects the HR professionals and they are the one who is answerable
to the loss that incurred. So, the HR team should consider all the aspects that
an employee will be subjected to in an workplace and should sketch a company
policy which will protect the employees of the company so that they can provide
safety and harassment free workplace. As the HR team does not directly deal
with the problems that occur in a company, it is important to recruit a manager
who has a good knowledge in the grounds of company safety and policies. It is
also a major duty for HR professional to find the best fit for the company in
order to avoid workplace harassment.  

When an employee in a workplace is
entitled to any physical abuse it must be taken to the manager of the company
and should be taken in to account seriously by the management to ensure safety
of the worker. Managers should be well trained in how to handle the situation
and act according to the company’s policy. The managers should know the exact
procedure to handle the abuse according to the policy. It is also a manager’s
duty to let the employees know the company’s policies. Manager should tell the
employee to know the right of an employee in a workplace.

It is a good practice to have a
complaint form filled in case of violence or harassment. Managers are responsible
to fill the complaint form and have it documented to take action against the people
who involved in violence. If the situation gets out of control it is the duty
of a manager to call the police and charge a complaint. The managers should
ensure that the safety of the employee is not violated and ensuring that everyone
has equal rights in standing against the violence or physical harassment. Once the
complaint form is filled, immediate actions should be taken by the company in
order to keep up the safety standards of the company. A thorough investigation
will be done in order to take actions and to provide justice to the victim.

By following the policies that has
been designed by the HR professionals will help in maintaining the reputation
of the company and therefore helps in the company growth. Taking immediate
actions against physical abuse or harassment will ensure the employee that the
company is reliable. This will indirectly have a major positive impact on the
growth and betterment of the company. Employees satisfaction is what drives the
company and leads to success. Providing a safe and secured workplace environment
will be refreshing for the employee and does not have to worry about being
bullied or harassed in the workplace. This also applies for the customer, even
customer is taken in to account of not being harassed and physically abused and
the company should have a policy designed for the customer as well. Providing security
to both the customer and employees makes it a great success.



4.2. Gathering information and collecting evidence:

Once a physical abuse or harassment
complaint has been registered by the manager, a good HR practice is to gather
information and collecting evidence regarding situation. Gathering information
and collecting evidence is one of the most important phase of an investigation.
Thorough investigation process is followed after complaint is documented. All the
people who is involved in the crime scene has to be investigated individually
to determine who is the actual victim and what had actually happened in the
crime scene. By investigation it should be able to determine who, what, when,
why, where and how did the incident happen.

When investigating the complainant,
it is to be noted that the investigation fetches all the details about the
physical abuse or the harassment. It should fetch the information about what
happened, where it happened, when it happened, how it happened and how often it
happened. The investigator should be able to relate the scenario and hiring a
professional investigator is a good HR practice. Hiring an efficient
investigator will of great help because the professional investigators will be
able read people’s mind and can collect details from the facial expression. Having
a complaint register form will able to relate the scenario with what the
complainant says to the investigator.

Investigating the respondent is the
important phase in investigating, obtaining a statement from them will be
helpful in any further investigation in the case or might lead in obtaining a
hunch. It is important to note the relationship between the victim and the
respondent and getting to know if there is any personal vengeance between both
and most importantly proving that if respondent is pleaded guilty. Noticing the
facial expressions and the behaviour of the respondent sometimes unveils the
knot. If the respondent is not pleading guilty then the complaint would have
made out of grudge. Investigator should try to find the motive behind the
complaint and if it turns out to be false action has to be taken against the

Most importantly the investigator
should collect evidence by collecting the surveillance footage, audio file or
the recorded conversation. If there is any eye witness then they should also be
subjected to an investigation. It is also important to collect statement from
them and the same investigation process has to be carried out as of the
investigation with respondent. The witness will be considered only if the investigator
finds it trust worthy. Confidentiality is the key factor to keep in mind while
investigating the witness. The information should not be disclosed to anyone
without the witness’ consent.

Hence a thorough investigation will
reveal what actually had happened in the incident. The right person will only
be charged up on receiving a harassment complaint. Therefore, providing justice
to the victim and assuring that the workplace is safe to work. Thoroughly
investigating the scenario is a good HR practice.    








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