Human benefits and good environments that would

resource management practices is the management of people contained by the
inner upbringing of organizations, cover the activities, policies, and
practices involved in planning, obtaining, developing, utilizing, evaluating,
maintaining, and retaining the appropriate numbers and skill mix of employees
to achieve the organization’s objectives (Appelbaum, 2001). Human resource management considers important
for business as to attain organization goal to improve its performance and

organization, whether manufacturing or services, public or private, large or
small, for-profit or not-for-profit must operate with and through other people.
For the past 15 years, a growing consensus has been seen that organizational
human resources, if effectively and efficiently managed, can create a source of
sustained competitive advantage through human resource capabilities that are
valuable, rare and imperfectly imitable; thus adding value to an organization’s
performance Therefore, human resource has become the most important of all
resources across every type of organization all over the world and particularly
in the context of the educational sector in developing countries such as

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is because academic institutions, particularly universities, are responsible
for the development of the intellectual acumen of a nation’s human
resource.  Furthermore, quality of
education is considered as one of the major factors that accelerate the
development of a country and is the most important instrument in achieving the
desired stage of economic development (Economic Survey of Pakistan, 2005). HRM
practices try to develop and allocate human capital in the best possible ways
in order to achieve long-term goals; they provide them with many benefits and
good environments that would boost employee’s motivation, job satisfaction, and
increase their performance. Although as a developing country, educational
system of Pakistan is still facing many problems yet a tremendous growth is
seen in Higher Education Institutions over last decade due to constant efforts
by HEC; an autonomous body which is responsible for allocating funds to
Universities, accrediting degree programs and prescribing the guidelines under
which all institutions of higher education may operate. Realistically, it is
accepted that the organizations with good human resource practices can usually
satisfy or fulfill the needs of employees and turn them into more committed
personnel of the organization (Slattery & Selvarajan, 2005).

purpose of this research is to explore relationship between HR practices and
organization performance. There are four independent variables in research
recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits
and performance appraisal and using one mediator employee performance and one
dependent variable organization performance. So the implementation of HRM
practices is one of the ways through which educational institutions can not
only enhance competence of teachers (who are 
considered as central element of higher educational system holding a
range of diverse and substantial academic roles) but can also develop
commitment, satisfaction and motivation among them to get higher performance.
This study is very helpful in the development of conceptual model to measure
the effect of HRM practices on individual performance for the educational
sector. This study is useful for managers in the education sector to come up
with policies that help them to attract and retain their top-level faculty at
their respective universities. This research is highly valuable for both
academicians and practitioners.


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