a safe environment, so that each guest


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Charles (January 25,2010), Patriot Act, English, ISBN-10: 0398079137: ISBN-13







Every life matters, no
matter who you are or where you come from, and to have the respect of when you
enter a hotel, you want the service that makes you feel safe and that is my
job, to be able to say when a guest walks into Marriott International  Hotel, Our guest will have the best serves
and have a safe environment, so that each guest can enjoy their stay at  Marriott International  Hotel , and feel like home.

I Sally Jones  the director  for Global Security, have learned in my years
to pay attention to all details no matter if you feel that it isn’t important,
and for technology advancing day by day really keeps me busy, and to know that
the gun laws has  a great impact on our
lives this makes it very difficult for the security officers, but being hired
at Marriott International  Hotel and have
surveillance on each aspect of the hotel, the coming and going and also
checking activities if a guest decides that they want to pass a bad check or
credit card, or  any illegal act.

This was a terrible
situation, and to know that security has to be able to control the environment,
with camera and technology, the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino has since the
incident  scanning guest with metal
detector and putting bags through x-ray machine.”


Running: Fraud involving
public funds or trust


The next example that I can
give is the “Las Vegas Shooting There was a gunmen named Stephen Paddlock that
entered into the hotel with guns, no search at the door and preceded  to the 32 floor and broke a window at the
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino and on the ground was about 22,00 people that
was enjoying themselves, not knowing that their lives could be cut short at the
end of the shooting 58 people were killed and wounding 500 others.” .”

“Fraud Crimes can be either
State or federal level and the types of fraud can be Law violation, method of
operation, public service, U.S. Postal Service and so many more, types of fraud
can be mail fraud, identify theft, embezzlement, Internet fraud, and there are
so many more.” http:/../

Let’s take a personal look
at  on October 3, Kim Kardashian had a terrible
and life experience of robbery , where the star was held at gunpoint by a
masked men and they stole millions of dollars, so who is safe ? Thankful she
wasn’t killed and was able to tell the story.” http://people/../Kim-Kardashian-robbery-potentially-inside-job-suspect-connected-limo

Victims can be anyone that
might fall prey to fraudulent crime   Con artist can get you trapped into thinking
that you  have legitimate deal, and all
the time it is a scam, for example you go on your computer and have an email
for a credit card company that you deal with every day, and the scam is to give
you a fake link to get your information and to steal you identity, which would
be your personal information.  Business
go through the same scam but on a lager scale which would be hacking.

Fraud is when a person or
person’s business intentionally deceives another promise s of goods services,
or financial benefits that doesn’t exist.


Running: Fraud involving public funds or trust




Global Security main
position is to investigate and find out what is the level of financial impact of
lost and who is the culprits or culprit, there can also be a personal outlook
that can result in devastation to the business and also the employees. Fraud can
be a personal violation, the trust of the hotel has been breach and the hotel
clients or guest will feel that confidence is no longer there, Fraud can devastate
all parties involved.

Global  Security has been hire by Marriott
International  Hotel. Marriott has been
in business since 1927 and today has a world wide hospitality company  with nearly 2,800 operating units on the
United States and 67 other countries and territories. “

My name is Sally Jones and I’m
the director of Global Security, and my job isn’t easy, I must at all time
be  aware of some many situations that
might occur at any locations that we must guard against fraud theft, embezzlement,
and so much more, today I will give an overview of  Fraud public, and trust.

                                               Fraud involving public funds or trust

must not misuse the privilege that people have given us to do the right thing
with the funds to make a person or person life better, and  misused their trust.

Trust-In our society we have so many organization,  that we as Americans donate for causes which
would be considered as being charitable trust, and also religious
organizations, and those that have homes and property destroyed, red cross,  and let’s not forget about the educational institutions
, so many to name. “


Running: Fraud
involving public funds or trust



must respect our land our seas that pollution and contaminating is not
accepted, remember when we had the oil spill and the waters were contaminated
and the wildlife was in danger, no matter who you are a business or  a person , to keep our environment safe for impure

Crimes- Environmentalist, government agencies are still trying to define what would
be the category for environmental crimes in the twelve century, and what are
the actions  that can be taken  for environmental crimes, but definition for environmental
crimes would be considered as contaminating water, dumping chemicals in the
stream or river and releasing pollutants into air , also improper disposal, storage
or transportation of hazardous wastes for examples pesticides, chemicals.”

order for county to be safe our government has to have the top insight of what
it will take for each American to be safe, from the terrible occurrence of  9/11 not to let it happen again lets not have
a solution when a deadly event occurs, but let’s have the solution before it happens.
making sure each American can lay down at night and wake up to know we are safe
from anyone that want to do harm to United States. We have so much to lose
which are precious lives.

Act  has been examined  and wanted to be accepted by the civil
liberties groups, on the terrible day of 9/11, that so many lives were lost ,
On 1978 the Foreign intelligence service act brought fought psychological underpinning
titles of terrorism , enhancing surveillance, procedures protecting the border,
making sure to remove obstacles to investigating terrorism, and this increase
public safety.”(Thomas)


Running: Fraud
involving public funds or trust







Crimes are a concept of question are these laws that has been set into place
for non violent do they really have room in our  justice system, or just taking tax dollars
that can be spent of more violent crimes, and are these victimless crimes really
 disrupting  the community?

Crimes would be considered a vagrancy,  sexual acts,  usually involving consenting adults,
homosexuality and prostitution etc. The victimless crimes do fall into two
categories. Arguments  1. Proponents feel
society may not legitimately prohibit conduct that harms, 2. Proponents feel
that even if  there might be legitimate punishment
victimless crimes are certain practical reason why it is unwise.”>SocialScienceandtheLaw>Law>Law>

in a world that we walk through or drive through everyday is not an excuse  no to have the  major knowledge of what is expected of us as
citizens, to able to avoid bad situations  for happening, which can put our lives at a
point that living would be uncomfortable, so let’s get started.

American around the world, in some form another has experienced, offenses that
are against the public. Do we as American’s understand the different concepts
of offenses against the public? I will explain the different concepts of, Victimless
Crime, Patriot Act, Environmental Crimes, and what are the elements of public


Running: Fraud
involving public funds or trust


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