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How do we end the Violence against Women in India?Did you know that there are around 35,000 rape cases in India Annually (Tahhan)? The Indian government and police need to be more strict when it comes to rape. In India, the average man feels that he should show his masculinity through “freely exercising his privilege to lay down the rules in personal relationships.” This causes a lot of violence against women in India and the police don’t do much about it (Guardian). Recently there was a situation where a young Indian woman working as a sex worker accused a man of rape. The police in India just said “a sex worker cannot be raped”. This ridiculous statement shows just how careless the Indian police are about rape cases and violence towards women. Anyone should have the right to go to trial if they have been sexually abused. There is no one there to help these women, so there is nothing stopping the rapists (Mitra). Therefore there must be stricter laws when it comes to violence against women. Laws that will stop men from sexually assaulting women in the first place.At many times, reporting or discussing a rape case has been considered a taboo, however recently women have started reporting more and more sexual harassment crimes. As a result of this the Indian government has decided to install panic buttons on all buses in India by 2018 (Tahhan). This is supposed to help a victim of violence because it can inform the police when a crime is taking place. This system won’t work that well, because the problem isn’t finding the rapists, making sure the police lock them up.If this crisis in India is to get any better, rapists should be put in jail for life. The Indian government should give both the police and civilians a reward in money. So many women are getting raped each year because the Indian government isn’t will to put enough money and effort into solving the problem. In many cases, even Indian policemen have attacked women. This shows how corrupt things are in India and how little help rape victims are getting (The Irish Times). This can be stopped by spreading awareness, rewards for turning rapists in, and lifetime sentences for men guilty of sexual abuse against women. Putting panic buttons on buses simply won’t do the job. I think that the Indian government needs to set up larger consequences such as life sentences for sexual assaulters, because otherwise no progress will be made when it comes to ending violence against women in India. Rewards will also help policemen to start actually turning in rapists. I feel strongly about this because I hate to see innocent people getting their human rights violated when there is no one on their side to help them, not even the police. I don’t think that the Indian government is trying hard enough to end this, so this is the reason why I have thought of new laws and rules.


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