History among the presenters with his paper entitled

History department holds a Research Forum

The History Department of the College of Arts and
Social Science holds a Research Forum with a theme “Research Gallery: An Echo
of Presented Research Paper” on November 8, 2017 at Institutes Mini-Theater.
The gallery is an echo presentation that features the studies on local and
political histories, including researches on culture, tradition and
identity.  The presenters of the forums
were all from history department. These researches were all presented in national
and international conferences.   

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The gallery centers on giving students insights as
to how to make and choose a topic on researches, as what Prof. Derogongan said
and I quote “It is an avenue for students to learn on how to make a research
paper”  which would be beneficial for
those doing their thesis and incoming fourth years.  The speakers also impart to the listeners
some techniques in making the research papers. The proponents also use
different approaches on their paper, coping up with the innovation on research
methods, Mr. Bulkhia Panalondong, the only student among the presenters with
his paper entitled “The Political Evolution of Iligan in Geographic  Information System Maps: 1625-1950 “. He used
the GIS to show the transition of maps on his paper. The research forum is
concluded by a closing remark from the Historical Society president Dirbs Boy


News article 2

National Conference held in MSU-IIT

The Department of English of the College of Arts and
Social Sciences in partnership with Far Eastern University holds its 1st
National Conference Workshop on Language and Literature on November 9-11, 2017
at College of Engineering and Technology Amphitheatre. It served as an avenue
for experts and participants from all parts of the country to share their
research outputs in language and literature. The 3 days conference-workshop had
300 participants including students and teachers from various schools and
universities, exceeding the number of expected registrants. A series of paper
presentation, parallel workshop and plenary session discussing the challenges
and issues faced, including the approach of teaching language and literature.

The plenary speakers come from different institutions
in the Philippines known for their expertise in the field of language and
literature. Opening of the conference-workshop was given by FEU Institute’s of
Arts and Sciences Dean Joel M. Chavez, followed by a warm welcome from
Chancellor Sukarno Tanggol. He stated that “Language and literature are keys to
nation-building,” challenging the participants to come up with new methods and approaches
in teaching literature and language.  The
chairperson of Department of English gave her rationale regarding the research paper
presentation. Followed by a five parallel workshop, and in the evening, the
participants observed the performances of the Integrated Performing Arts Guild
(IPAG), OCTAVA Chorale society and Kalilang Ensemble showcasing the rich and
varied culture of Mindanao.  AB English Organization
(ABEO) Playhouse also performed in the said conference-workshop.